The perfect wedding entertainment actress Selina large inventory of wedding

Selina has been media attention on October 31 wedding, Selina Cheng in the dress and the groom also will be exposed. This year is really a marriage boom, selina, Coco Lee, Fan Fan, Tai S, Karen Mok, Stefanie Sun, Xie Na, Dong Xuan, Chen few, Sun Li … Now let us enjoy the happiness of selina and enjoy their perfect wedding dress now!

Selina’s wedding dress with the top layers of French lace and mesh overlap. Beautiful wedding style exactly like a white swan.

CoCo wedding photos within the field exposure, white wedding glamorous.

Xie Na tail wearing a full dress drill
Xie Na tail wedding dress up the whole drill nine meters in Italian hand-cut lace and white pearls made of yarn. Tail like a wedding from afar in the sky dance is accompanied by melodious Smart girls like light.

“Iron pear” Chen Zhao number and pianist Yin Yin’s wedding in Bali. This simple and romantic wedding in Bali, a seaside resort at the top, remain closed throughout the wedding, the number of Chan in the “Fallen” in the dress style, beautiful, dignified, and the wedding, the number of Chen style wedding glamorous exquisite, elegant to the extreme.

High Yunxiang and Dong Xuan Romantic wedding on the day of the bride and groom warm and sweet, Dong Xuan value of 580 000 of the gorgeous wearing a 2011 wedding dress, white feather skirt drag to highlight the romantic and elegant, like a white swan like Dong Xuan, bloom in the in front of the groom, the groom places a high Yunxiang white dress like Prince Charming.

A pair of golden entertainment, Sun Li Deng Chao’s wedding congratulations by the parties, the girls have a beautiful princess dream, Sun Li’s tail white, more like a princess!

Kelly Lin and Yang Chen, six months and got married. Kelly Lin’s wedding using oblique design, the most popular elements of crystal diamond paste on the inside, elegant appearance.

Hu and excess sand can be, loving husband and wife. Hu can pay more attention to the shoulders and waist wedding dress design, and embroidered elements. More suitable for the bride’s graceful Oriental temperament.

Christine Fan and black, with black and white years away, along the way we gave them best wishes. Fan Fan wedding is very subtle, small tail wedding. This wedding is the point of the eye and to the long veil, her personal qualities highlighted head.

Karen “wedding” exactly like Princess Elf, exotic full range of children.

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