Interesting attractions in Vienna – the opera

When you visit Vienna, you will understand why the city is considered to be the cultural and art center of Europe. In Vienna there are so many beautiful and interesting attractions that you will surely be amazed of the atmosphere, which this city has. Vienna is world famous for its musical and cultural heritage, people admiring arts and music are truly going to be amazed with the attractions, which Vienna has to offer. Vienna is the perfect combination of the new and modern culture and the old atmosphere of the cultural heritage, which the city has preserved.

There are many interesting attractions, which should be seen when you are visiting Vienna. The Museum of Art History and its amazing collections of famous art pieces is truly a must see. The gothic architecture of St. Stephen’s Church is also a remarkable sight, which you should not miss to visit. The beautiful palaces in Vienna are also not to be neglected. And finally you will have more than one hundred museums of art which you can explore as well. There are many important and interesting attractions in Vienna, however, the most important and remarkable of all is the State Opera of Vienna.

The State Opera House is a world famous attraction; this opera house is famous for many reasons. First of all the history of the building is quite remarkable. The structure was completely destroyed in World War Two and then it was rebuilt and fully reconstructed. Today the State Opera is a structure with very interesting and authentic architectural characteristics. Simply the looks of the opera house in Vienna is amazing and interesting. This attraction is also famous for the numerous performances and events, which take place there. Some of the best and most famous opera performances are made in this opera house. Many famous people visit the opera house of Vienna as well, so you will be surrounded by a lot of celebrities if you choose to visit a performance there. Though the tickets for a performance are usually sold months before the actual date, because of the large interest, you can still find tickets and visit the opera if you book in advance. When you visit a performance there, you should not neglect visiting the café on the roof of the State Opera House, from there you will have a magnificent view on the entire city and you can admire its beauty and culture.

A vacation in Europe’s capital of arts and music will be an experience which you will cherish and never forget. Because of the numerous attractions, among which is the Vienna opera (or as they say in Denmark opera Wien), you will spend an interesting and different vacation which cannot be experienced nowhere else, because of the unique culture and authentic atmosphere of Vienna and its numerous beauties.

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