Experience a Premium Dublin Ghost Bus Tour for School Groups with Convenient Booking Options

Embark on a thrilling journey through Dublin’s rich history with our School Group Ghost Bus Tour, promising an unforgettable blend of education and excitement. Our meticulously curated tour combines the educational experience of exploring Dublin’s historical sites with the spine-chilling allure of supernatural tales. Immerse your students in an interactive learning adventure as they traverse the city aboard our iconic Ghost Bus.

Our easy booking process ensures a seamless and stress-free planning experience for educators, allowing them to focus on providing a unique and engaging excursion for their students. From haunted landmarks to captivating narratives, our tour promises an unparalleled exploration of Dublin’s past. Book now and treat your school group to an enriching and entertaining experience that will leave them with lasting memories of the Emerald Isle’s mysterious and captivating tales. Join us on the School Group Ghost Bus Tour for an educational adventure like no other in the heart of Dublin.

Dublin’s Haunting Adventure: Ghost Bus Tours for School Groups

Dublin’s Haunting Adventure: Ghost Bus Tours offers an unforgettable experience for school groups seeking a thrilling blend of history and the supernatural. Students embark on a spine-chilling journey through the city’s darkened streets aboard a mysterious double-decker bus. Led by an expert guide, the tour weaves tales of Dublin’s eerie past, from haunted castles to notorious characters.

Your journey commences upon reaching the designated downtown meeting point in Dublin, where you’ll board the ghost bus. As you and your fellow explorers settle in, our lively guide will initiate the evening’s exploration. The tour commences at the Royal College of Surgeons, revealing intriguing details about Bram Stoker’s ties to Dublin and the lingering ghost of a corrupt surgeon. Our next stop takes us to the eerie steps of St. Audoens Church, where chilling tales of medieval torture will be shared by our guide.

Subsequently, we descend to the shadowy St. James’ churchyard, where more harrowing stories of torture and murder unfold. Those with a daring spirit can venture into the haunting grounds, witnessing firsthand the sites where grave robbers once unearthed remains. Finally, we’ll circle back to the tour’s starting point to conclude our haunting expedition.

That’s fantastic, right? If so, here’s how to go about the Group Bookings Ghost Bus Tour Dublin with The Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour agents.

Dublin’s Ghost Bus Tour: Perfect for Group Bookings!

Whether as schoolmates or just buddies, enjoying one of these vacations with friends is a terrific time and full of memories. The Banshee has enough room for your entire group of twenty passengers. The trip begins at the church’s first door on Cook Street, dedicated to St. Audeon. The scheduled tour departure time allows for a ten-minute grace period. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your experience at least 24 hours before it starts.

However, if you and your buddies are searching for some outstanding time out, we offer Private Ghost Tour Dublin.

Do you want something more personal or with an inner circle? The Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour covers you as we do private walks. Our able tour advisors will help you organize a trip of your choice. With a private tour, time can be adjusted to your schedule. However, note that we always hire guides for at least three hours, so the cost of trips that last less time costs the same but for more time will be adjusted reasonably.

Do you want to go on a School Group Ghost Bus Tour Dublin ? Do not fear; our crew is well prepared for this. The Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour provides Group Bookings Ghostbus Tour Dublin and private trips. Both options are properly catered for. It will also be an instructive and exciting adventure with memories to remember and record. Please visit us at their website.

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