Stop Thumb Sucking Habits With Your Hand Aid.

Statistics say that one in every ten children has thumb sucking habits. In view of these numbers and the many adverse effects caused by this stubborn habit, it is important for parents to learn about ways to stop thumb sucking in their children. This habit is known to cause the most trouble in children between the ages of three and four which is the time when their permanent teeth being to appear. The preventive and curative hand aid from Your Hand Aid is designed to be one hundred percent comfortable and safe for children and working effectively in breaking thumb sucking habits.

Most pediatricians and orthodontists will attest to the fact that ways to stop thumb sucking should be adopted especially for children between the ages of three and four because it disturbs the alignment of their teeth. The upper font teeth are pushed outward, the side teeth are pushed inward and the lower front teeth are pushed inwards as well. Furthermore, children with thumb sucking habits are found to be more susceptible to flu, cold and other diseases in the environment. The aid from Your Hand Aid is the innovation of expert Ken Stevens and is designed to help children break free from this habit.

The preventive and curative hand aid from Your Hand Aid has a different mode of action to stop thumb sucking compared to other standard aids in the market. Standard aids are made from vinyl plastics which are known to emit harmful toxins and work by causing slight discomfort to children when the aid on their thumb is taken in to their mouth. The aid from Your Hand Aid is made from safe materials and works to stop thumb sucking by ensuring the thumb never makes it close to the child’s mouth.

In addition to being distinct in its mode of action to stop thumb sucking, the aid from Your Hand Aid is ideal because while it effectively breaks this habit, it does not it any way impair the child. It has been designed to fit firmly on the child’s thumb however it does not cover the thumb completely and allows children to perform daily routine activities without any problem. Furthermore, these aids come in different sizes according to wrist size, weight and age of the child to ensure the perfect fit and feel. This acts as a catalyst in the therapeutic process because the child should look at the aid as a helper rather than a distraction.

The aid also has a specially designed locking mechanism which cannot be opened by the child on their own. This ensures that there are no breaks in the therapeutic process which is essential for it to stop thumb sucking. With its high levels of comfort and special locking mechanism, children can wear these aids day and night without feeling irritated by it. Furthermore, aids also come in different skin tones so that older children can wear them while at school or at day care.

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  1. jo Bates says:

    You could try using a Thumbsie which is custom made for children to help them to stop thumb sucking. These fun and comfortable thumb guards are suitable for children age 3 -12 years who need some help. There are lots of materials to choose from and 5 different sizes.

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