Advertising: Top Five Factors to Consider When Choosing an Integrated Advertising Agency

Many companies are keen to work with an integrated advertising agency, but many don’t know what major factors they should consider in the evaluation process. Here are five things to consider when choosing a new advertising, public relations or marketing communications partner:

1. EXPERIENCE: An agency should be able to provide you with numerous success stories that identify the challenges, recommendations and results achieved for other clients. A firm that has been around for a long time with a stable, tenured staff is key to your selection criteria. It reflects that your business won’t be a science project.
2. APPROACH: Woven into these success stories should be their unique process for identifying and analyzing your buyer’s decision criteria including specific program recommendations. The success stories should clearly communicate how the agency gathers market/buyer information, analyzes that information and develops recommendations that generate real results.
3. CULTURE: Through your selection process you want to have as much communication and interaction as possible with the prospective agencies to gain an understanding of their agency culture. Since you are going to be interacting with them on a regular basis, it is important that this will be an enjoyable experience. You may be looking for an agency that is going to be proactive with you and brings a constant flow of ideas and recommendations. Or, you may want an agency that is reactive and takes instructions well. Understand how they work and decide if the way they work works for you.
4. CHEMISTRY: It is very important that you sync up well with the agency you pick. You really have to like them and the people that will be working on your account. Typically, the relationship will be very interactive and you will be working with them closely. The experience should be fun and enjoyable.
5. CATEGORY EXPERTISE: It is a plus when an agency has category expertise in your market but not a priority. However, when they know and understand your customers as well as competitors and are passionate about your products and services, it has a huge impact. That means they will spend their time developing programs rather than educating themselves on your marketplace. That translates into insightful, results-oriented initiatives for you and your company.

When you find an agency that meets all of these criteria, get that Letter of Agreement signed, and go to work!

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