The prospects of trade unions

Trade unions are said to be mouth pieces of the lubricants of capitalists that is the labor class. Labor is something that can make or break the industry setup. The Trade unions are the think tanks of labor and tell the workers what’s good for them and what is not. Actually a trade union is the organization of workers and it works to meet their mutual goals. The most common goal of any such union is to keep up or improve the job status of its members. But not all the workers are the members of union and the dynasty of any union is dependent upon its number of members. Any union requires at least simple majority for them to present any of their demands in front of the authorities.

Like the Trade unions govern the labor these unions are also governed by an international trade union. They organize summits and meetings so that all the sub organizations could meet. The basic purpose of such sittings is to do some beneficial legitimizing for them.

Whenever the name of trade unions comes no doubt the word Communism springs to mind. If we remember the Russian communist movement that reminds us of soviet Trade unions which were proved as a lubricant for the very first communist movement of the world. The basic slogan of the Communist revolutions is that they will give power to labor and of unions so they somehow are strongly connected.

If a comparison is drawn between the level of functioning of Trade unions around the world Europe US and Asia there is a different level of stats and execution among all. If the European Trade unions (in Denmark they call them fagforeninger) are discussed, especially those of France and Germany there is a big role of the Socialist parties of the mentioned countries in the compilation of Trade unions. The reason of the inclusion of the political parties in this is the possible reaction they could assume that the unions could have. But after the fall of Iron curtain there is a big decline in the ratio of affiliations towards the Trade unions.

The birth of Trade unions in the United Stated was in the 19th century. Workers from big cities united to form a trade union. They were those people who were skilled but best of all. They decided to put on strikes for the fulfillment of their causes but that failed due to the less number of people available to them. The first functional union in US was Mechanics Trade Association formed in 1827. They were the first ones to bring together the workers from diverse organizations and guide them to the benefits of unionism.

If we consider the Pakistani there are numerous Trade unions working and their sole purpose is to collectively bargain for the rights of the labor and set labor contracts among employees and  employers.

The union structures worldwide are very diverse. Their laws and working capacities are decided as per the particular environment. The only thing that is supposed to be common among all is the strive towards the betterment of working class.

Continuing education is also important point when we speak about trade unions, to read more follow the link on efteruddannelse (which is the term in Danish).

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