Having Daniel Chavez Moran on Your Side

He founded his own company and has developed numerous properties in the process but Daniel Chavez Moran wanted to give back to the community and he did so when he decided to create the non-profit Vidanta Foundation. Headed by Dr. Roberto Russell, the mission of this foundation is to promote social sciences and culture in Latin America with a particular interest in policy-making and academia. Aside from these, civic culture will also be focused on by the foundation.

Improving the mindset of people when it comes to the need for democracy in Latin America is something The Vidanta Foundation will serve to satisfy. Because of the political influences that the foundation has, they have the ability to help resolve problems concerning injustices for one. Through their programs and initiatives, they aim to promulgate social and economic development not just in Mexico but throughout South America.

You should know that the initiatives of The Vidanta Foundation carry the participation of economists and political heads from different countries. In this case, most of the programs of the foundation include a series of dialogues that allow experts from around the world to brainstorm on how to achieve sustainable economic growth. Fighting poverty is something that you can expect the foundation to make an effort on.

Here, you can also expect a series of publications and books relevant to their efforts. As what was earlier said, democracy and an improved economy matter to these people. You will see how they view the need for democracy through their book ‘Entre la Frustraci?n y la Esperanza’.

All of the money that this foundation uses comes from the efforts made by members of the Vidanta Group of Companies. When it comes to the name of the foundation, everything started with the Daniel Chavez Moran philanthropy concept in mind and this is why it was first named after Moran. About four name changes happened for the foundation before it started bearing the official Vidanta Foundation name.

More popularly known as the charitable side of Grupo Vidanta, the foundation has brought significant contributions to social betterment, despite being a fairly new organization. Aside from teaching people about society and culture, they also helped address lingering societal problems like poverty for example. What you have here is a foundation that works in the same way as Daniel Chavez Moran does.

Not only is solving social injustice and inequality relevant for the foundation but they also find value in teaching people about the origins of such issues. The group concentrates on everything from politics to society. According to the group, without understanding the conflicts, resolutions are hard to find.

There is one more thing that the foundation would like to address and it pertains to the unity of Latin American countries. Besides working on mending ties between South American nations, they are active in upholding democracy. In order to achieve this, the foundation relies on scholarly work.

Until there is injustice, the foundation will continue to make a stand against it. The thing about the foundation is that it is a clear reflection of Moran who founded it. What you have here is a person who is not into inequality.

Regardless of his retirement several years back, Grupo Vidanta Daniel Chavez Moran continues with their efforts to help Latin American communities. Prior to the establishment of the Vidanta foundation, there was the Fundaci?n Delia Moran A.C which helped needy children. His mother was a teacher who helped youngsters all throughout her lifetime and this is why Moran used her name for the foundation.

Daniel Chavez Moran showed not only to Latin America, but as well as to the other counties that philanthropic works and business can be balanced. Interested individuals can find out more here for Moran’s business achievement and philanthropic works.

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