People and Daniel Chavez Moran

In Mexico, tourism is one of the things that contributes a lot of earnings to the local economy and the boost in business can be attributed to the corporate efforts of Daniel Chavez Moran who formed Grupo Vidanta several decades ago. He is actually known for his luxury hotels and real estate projects in Mexico. Now, Moran uses his time to check up on his different hotel resorts and supervise his employees who come in thousands.

You should know though that before Moran started his humanitarian works, he was a well known businessman in Mexico. Several decades ago, he graduated with a degree from the University of Guadalajara. Moran was able to set up the Paraiso Mazatlan Resort when he was 22 and this was his first ever development project.

He spent 30 years focusing on Grupo Vidanta before he started thinking about living a philanthropic life. With the idea of changing Latin America for the better, Moran founded the Grupo Vidanta Foundation several years ago. The main goal of this group is to narrow the gaps of political, economic and social development of Latin American communities as well as promote social science and cultural education.

Chavez Moran believes that there is a huge economic potential in Latin America. Unfortunately, he has been very disappointed with the past economic performance of the region. Even if they have the ability to succeed, more often than not Latin America falls behind compared to other countries.

By combining corporate knowledge with charitable goals, Daniel Chavez Moran and Vidanta Foundation can do a lot of good when it comes to turning Latin America’s condition around. Considering the poor performances of Latin American countries, the Vidanta Foundation wants to know exactly why this is happening. In Latin America, the extreme inequality is something that Moran counts as a potential reason behind the problem.

Aside from social injustices, there are those that involve the economy as well. Holding onto specific kinds of jobs is something that gets affected by the continuous reign of inequality in Latin America. You will also find communities that do not have conducive schools making learning unachievable.

As such, there will be hardly any job opportunities offered for unskilled workers. Chavez Moran determined that advancing education opportunities should be given of vital importance as the world is becoming economically competitive. In other countries, even if the Latinos received an education, people from other nations surpass them when it comes to employment.

Chavez Moran firmly believes that all these inequalities and social issues need to change. Providing quality education should be at the top of the list of legislators. In this case, the failure to provide good education should no longer be ignored.

Although there are plenty of things that have to be addressed, there is still a chance for Latin America to succeed. Efforts are being made like how Brazil decided to host the Olympic Games. Daniel Moran hopes that the result will be positive.

Daniel Chavez Moran has been recognized for his huge contribution in helping underprivileged people in Latin America. He is someone who doesn’t mind sharing what he has. With his help, Vidanta Foundation can go on international debate and discussion to further uphold economic and social development.

Daniel Chavez Moran influenced and changed the lives of people in Latin America. Discover more about it here for Moran’s works.

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