Bangalore – A perfect destination for travelers with the best in class hotels

Located in the south-eastern part of the State of Karnataka, perched on the Deccan Plateau, is the city of Bangalore. Being the third most populous city in India, it is known for the development of Information Technology in India. It is well renowned as an entrepreneurial locale because of its affiliations with networking and technology. It holds its part of history as well. The Vijayanagara Empire and the exploits of Tipu Sultan are the key points in its history. Bangalore is the right kind of place to work because of a strong corporate sector. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in India.

When one is in Bangalore, it is easy to find a good place to stay. The hospitality of the city has been just marvellous. Top 5 Star Hotels in Bangalore offer international standards of service. They create the perfect ambience for everyone who stays in the hotel. The luxury suites offer much more than a comfortable stay. Here, one can indulge in all kinds of activities with facilities like indoor golf, health clubs, massages and the like. The king size bedroom attached with a kitchen and a private study is the perfect environment for anybody.

Sightseeing can be a pleasurable experience in Bangalore. Though it is not laden with historical attractions, there are many places one would find fascinating. Tipu Sultan’s Palace is the highlight of all the scenic spots. It has many sculpted arches and stone structures. The age old paintings on the walls offer us some insight on the artistic cultures of the formerly existent Mysore State. Also, the well renowned Lal Bagh, commissioned by Hyder Ali is another attraction. It has a variety of flora, of about 100 species. The Lal Bagh Rock dates back to over 3000 million years. Bangalore is also famous for having many places to worship. There are several temples of various Gods and devotees go there every year. The most significant of all the temples is the Bull temple.

It is a city where people believe in fine dining. The cuisine here is exotic not to mention raunchy. There are various international restaurants that adore the busy streets of the city. Pubs and bars have made their way into the food industry. The local flavors are not bad either. The flavor of food is pretty distinguished from others and the delectable beverages just do great with it. The local restaurants in Bangalore have a lot to offer when it comes to traditional food. The hotels in Bangalore serve cuisines that suit the local and international audience. Tourists from various countries have a penchant to taste the traditional food as well. All in all, a trip to Bangalore offers us much more than we can imagine. It is a wondrous place that has reached out to the people of all cultures.

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