Understanding the Currency Correlation can help improve your trading experience.

For you to become a successful trader, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of your portfolio especially in terms of its sensitivity to the volatile market. It is particularly essential in forex trading. Because currencies are valued in pairs, no pair can be considered as independent among others once you are aware of the Currency Correlation, you will be able to take full control of your portfolio’s exposure in the forex market. First, we have to understand deeply what Currency Correlations are and what they do to ensure your success or failure in the currency market.

It is quite easy to see why there is interdependence on the currency pairs. For example, you are trading the GBP versus the JPY; in fact you are trading derivatives of the GBP/USD as well as the USD/JPY pairs. Thus, you can say that there is Currency Correlation between numerous currency pairs. Of course, such interdependence between currencies is beyond just the reasoning that they are in pairs. There are those currencies hat work in tandem and there are pairs also that work in opposite directions and this is the result of more complex currency aspects.

The Currency Correlations in the financial industry is a statistical measure of relationships between a pair of securities. Here, we will introduce the correlation coefficient that ranges between negative and positive one. If there is Currency Correlation of positive one that means that the currency pairs will be moving at a similar direction all the time. If the correlation is at negative one, this means that the pair will move in opposing directions all the time. If there is a correlation of zero, the relationship between pairs is very random.

To further understand Currency Correlations, we need to know the correlation table. The table can be very complicated for someone with limited knowledge about market conditions but as you expand your knowledge, you will become more aware of the numbers and what they stand for. Most correlation tables show the movement between pairs in decimal format and how they work in the span of a month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. By understanding the correlation or pairs in time, you can identify how a certain pair derivative will progress if you wish to trade against a certain currency.

It is important to know that Currency Correlation can change. It is clear that in a span of months or years, the correlations between different currencies have changed considerably. This is why it is vital for traders to follow the changes or shifts in the correlation even more. The global economic factors as well as sentiments are very strong forces and they can even change in a day. If you are a trader, looking at the 6 month correlation is a must so that you can see the bigger picture and how the situation can change in the coming months. By becoming more aware about correlations, it is possible to increase your productivity, reduce risks and ensure that you can be more effective in reading and determining trading situations.

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