Will Minerva Place Be The Go To Site Of The Future?

The Health and Beauty industry is a $237 Billion Dollar a Year business that from all points of view will keep burgeoning exponentially into the future. The areas of weight loss and dieting fall within the comprehensive category of health and beauty and with the growing concern over obesity in the U.S. this should help to give energy to the growth of this industry.

So what is MinervaPlace and how is it related to the Health and Beauty industry?

The idea behind the Minerva Place website is that it will become the Go To Site on the internet for all things related to Health and Beauty.

According to the company’s founders, there presently does not exist any single go to website for the Health and Beauty commerce site on the internet today. Their ambition is to make MinervaPlace.Com that place!

The founders of Minerva Worldwide, Inc. include a former VP of Programming from Fox Broadcasting, an Executive Chef from Harvard University, a cast of star writers with backgrounds in nutrition and weight loss, along with Dancing with the Stars actress Brooke Burke-Charvet who will be the exclusive spokesperson for the Minerva Place website.

The Minerva Worldwide team voted to make use of an affiliate based model for promoting the Minerva Place website. They will commit solely on building relationships with individuals that will act as affiliates for the promotion of the website and creation of the traffic they foresee. The level of contribution and the level of traffic an affiliate creates to the website will determine the level of compensation they receive.

However, this affiliate model takes the compensation level one degree higher by not only using Affiliate Marketing but it is also combining the power of Network Marketing by allowing affiliates to procure other affiliates and thus apportion the contributions of these members too.

The Minerva Place compensation plan is exceptional in that it offers varied streams of revenue which include; cash rewards from product purchases from your own personalized affiliate website, affiliate sales off of the traffic you direct to the global website, as well as a Global Rewards Pool.

The Global Rewards Pool can be best told as compensation for rewarding you in the expansion of the website and the ensuing revenue growth from corporate advertiser dollars which are predicted to flow into the website as it grows. As you advance in the affiliate ranks your allotment of this advertising money pool increases. But wait, this is not where it ends. The Global Rewards Pool is not just made up of the envisioned advertising dollars growth it also consists of all the company’s commisionable sales volume irregardless whether the sales volume was generated by your team or not.

MinervaPlace.com will present health, beauty, weight loss, dieting and general fitness articles along with paid advertisements relating to these topics. Besides advertising and product offerings from third party vendors, the team at Minerva Place plans to begin their own brand of weight loss and nutritional products which will also be offered from their website. Their flagship weight loss product called Vantix can be consumed as a designer shake or chilled and served as a pudding dessert. Vantix is designed to be a meal replacement to assist you in fulfilling your weight loss goals. In addition, they will be introducing a thorough probiotic formula which aids the promotion of healthy digestion and elimination under the product name of Probiotol.

Will MinervaPlace be the next Amazon.Com? Only time will identify if the business model can intrigue enough quality affiliates to the team to generate the type of traffic that will propel it into the ranks of Google, Amazon, Yahoo and the likes. It’s an interesting thought and the fact that it leverages Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and Social Media as well as a compensation plan that covers each of these marketing areas makes this company one to watch.

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