Francis Santa-Philanthropist-Donates to The Community

1888 PressRelease – Francis Santa is a well-respected businessman in Florida. He is constantly donating his money and time to the community. His love for all people especially the homeless, children, the Jewish community and animals during the COVID-19 pandemic has made him a hero to many people.

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA – Feeding people in need and finding shelter against the winter cold is his priority. “Homelessness is a serious societal issue and one that all of us need to address. We can do that by supporting agencies that work on their behalf, and by ensuring that we pay attention to the signs of people that need help and what steps to take in order to best assist those in need,” said Mr. Santa. He also understands the need to be able to attend religious service and the frustration all people are going through during these trying times. He is a man who respects all religions and the right in this country to be able to attend services. Indirectly through charitable donations, he helps others to attend online service.

Francis Santa is the founder of Business Image lift. This is a company that helps doctors, celebrities, business and high profile people recover from having reputation issues on the internet. Francis and his staff are caring and passionate about removing content from people who got hurt on the world wide web from the news and other organizations without cause. “People paid the price or were salanderd or hurt by others and deserve to have their reputation restored”. Everyone deserves a second chance”, said Francis Santa to us. He is also quoted saying “We have ethics, we would never help anyone who is a risk to the community”.

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