Are Health Food Bars Good for You?

You would have read, seen or even had health food bars sometime in your life. They are easily available at grocery stores and food malls these days. You can have them while you drive or maybe sit and read a book, and they provide you instant energy and vitality as well. Most of the health food bars promise to give you energy and nutrients, and some even promise you with fat burning blessings too. And the best part is, the food bar doesn’t taste bland, they are very tasty and delicious to have.



But sources say that most of the health food bars you find today are nothing but junk. Yes, they have the best packaging done and would also promise to give you the best results too, but some of the health food bars, the so called ones that is, are no different from the junk you find in candy and chocolate bars. They have enough of substances in them which would fatten you and that’s because there are plenty of processed chemicals in them, over generously packed and laded. So if you thought that it was easy munching on the food bar and losing weight overtime, think again. You may just end up with a wider waistline and curse yourself for it.


So how do we know which of the health food bars are real and which ones should be avoided?


1.            Most of the junk food bars would be found at supermarkets and grocery stores. They are manufactured in bulk and are sold off easily. They are manufactured with all the goodness in them so that customers like us crave for them all the more, and that’s why you would find sweeteners added to them. Very rarely would you find genuine health bars at these places.


2.            Check the food bars labeling and you would know if chemicals or natural substances have been used to make them. If the labeling has chemicals mentioned, it would be for the sweetening affect in the bars, which we crave for. But genuine food bars would have none of the chemicals. Look for labeling which has Trans fat or artificial flavoring and avoid them completely.



3.            Real health food bars would be a tad lower on the yummy factor because the sweeteners are done away with, but they aren’t bland to say so.  You would have oats and other natural sweeteners used in it to give you the real deal. Think about this, if genuine bars have to be sweet, why isn’t everyone slim and trim?

4.            Check online and read what experts have to say about genuine food bars and the junk ones. This would give you a fair idea on which one to dig your fangs into and which ones to avoid.


5.            Speak to your dietician and they would be able to tell you which of the food bars would be best for your body needs.



We wish you all the luck on your fitness plans!!


The food bar available in the supermarket is not always necessarily health food bars, so make your choice cautiously.

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