Calcium Is an Essential Trace Element in the Human Body

Calcium is an essential trace element in the human body, and it has an important role in bone development and growth of the baby, so to supply calcium for children absolutely cannot be ignored. However, in the process, the young parents will not know how to supply calcium for children.


Calcium is one of the more mineral content of the human body, accounting for about 1.5% to 2% of the body weight. The calcium requirements of human is very large, infants in the first year grow the most rapidly, and increase three times of weight within one week, and the length increases 0.5 times, which requires a lot of calcium depositing in bone tissue to promote the formation of new bone and bone growth. The body calcium content is increased to 75 grams from 25 grams at birth, when your body absorbs insufficient calcium, it is necessary to mobilize bone calcium to maintain normal blood calcium, to maintain normal physiological activity and nerve function. Infants only by maintaining a positive balance of bone calcium, they need a daily average of bone calcium of more than 140 milligrams, in order to achieve normal bone development requirements.


Moreover, do you know how much calcium is needed by every age of baby? In infancy, the baby under six months needs 300 mg of calcium every day; after six months, baby needs 400 mg of calcium every day; after one year old, baby needs 600 mg of calcium a day; more than 4 years old, children need 800 mg of calcium every day; for the adolescent children, they need 1000 mg of calcium a day.


However, how can parents know whether the children lack of calcium? If the infants are fed with breast milk, and the mothers are in good health, and infants eat well, basically the infants are not in lack of calcium. Drinking the milk is the same. If the children have very good nutrition, and milk is very adequate, older children eat 300 to 400 mg of milk, so they basically do not lack of calcium. If the calcium in the diet is not sufficient, you need to give your baby to take health care products to supply calcium. But this must be carried under the guidance of doctor.


Some parents will have such doubt, children sweat more, and easy to cry, is it because of calcium deficiency? In fact, sweating is not very specific, and to judge whether the baby lacks of calcium, sweating is just a secondary indicator, not all indicators. So, parents should not judge by your own ideas.


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