Advantage To Getting Your Med’s At A Dispensary?

There are several advantages to procuring your medical marijuana at a dispensary rather than finding them on the “Street”.

Your local weed dealer is not concerned for your health, he is simply trying to make a buck. This opinion is not in stone and we are sure that there are some street dealers that are concerned for your health. Likewise there are Marijuana Dispensaries that are nothing short of street dealers operating behind their card. But for the most part Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are concerned about your health and well being.

Your local Marijuana Dispensary is staffed with educated personnel that have a background in medical marijuana and what the different strains will offer you in regards to your health and well being. A street dealer at most probably can only offer you what he can get his hands on, pot luck! When you ask a street dealer how good is the weed, you will probably get a response like “Hey man it will kick your ass”! What we as medical marijuana patients are looking for is more along the lines of “This strain is indica dominate and it will relieve a great deal of the pain you experience”.

Marijuana Dispensaries generally have a wide selection of different marijuana strains and other medical applications such as medables, topical’s, and extracts etc.

When using a dispensary to procure your marijuana like any business you may deal with, you develop a relationship with them. When you have a good working relationship with your local dispensary the staff get to know you and your ailment. When you walk into your local dispensary many times you will be greeted with hey! We have some new med’s you need to try for that pain you are experiencing. We have been getting excellent feedback from other patients that it is working well for their pain. That is worth all the moola in China!

Many Marijuana Dispensaries lab test their marijuana prior to releasing it to the public, or they require it to be tested before they procure it from a grower. Even if they do not they generally are only interested in top shelf marijuana to have on their shelf.

If you have never visited a Marijuana Dispensary it may be a good time for you to do just that. Most Medical Marijuana Patients are amazed when they first visit a dispensary. The selection and quality of the meds is like a farmers market!

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Jim Richard has been involved in the Medical Marijuana Industry Industry in various ways from a active grower, Marijuana Dispensary web designer and active Washington State Marijuana activist. The Marijuana Hookup is his latest creation to connect medical patients with quality medical marijuana.

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