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Laptop issues, Consider the basic hints

Is your laptop an indispensable tool, like many more people? A laptop has become a personality extension. So, when any unthinkable happens, the workhorse become slow or even gets damaged. The normal wear and tear is expected with frequent use and so damage is also likely at some point.


The laptop main components are battery, LCD display, hard drive and random access memory (RAM). All these parts are easily replaceable except for the LCD display. The laptop problems with hardware initiate with power supply or power connector. The electrical connection becomes loose and it fails to charge. Actually, this is the time people consider buying a new laptop. In fact, the fix is quick, simple and inexpensive in comparison to buying a new laptop.


Here are some basic hints


  • Power- Is your computer plugged into an electrical outlet? If it is plugged, ascertain it is working by checking the LED power indicators to know the power status of your laptop.
  • Connections- Look for the cables to ascertain there is no loose connection.
  • Power Savings- Ascertain the system is not in standby or Hibernate mode. You can check this by pressing the power button.
  • Brightness– Check the screen brightness by adjusting the brightness.
  • Boot Drive– Ensure there is no DVDs or CDs in the drive as you start up your machine.
  • Laptop does not boot– The operating system may experience issues, though most laptops feature customized software installed. Check by pressing F8 key during startup and clean using antivirus your laptop. If required, reinstall the operating system and there will be a need for all the drivers CD’s during the installation time.
  • Missing drives– This is a common laptop problem that the drives are missing and this is caused by some corrupted software or a failed drive. If the drive is removable, take it out and plug it again or else reinstall the drivers again.


Dropping Laptop


This is a serious problem when you drop your laptop to cause several problems including smashing the screen to cracking the case. The laptops that are older can be replaced with modular parts, but the new smaller laptops mostly have everything integrated to the motherboard that it becomes expensive to repair. The laptop age is based on the damage and though it appears cheaper sometimes to repair, replacing the entire laptop may be cheaper.


Power Problems


This happens when the battery is installed incorrectly or is missing. Check the battery bay, ensure it is seated properly and also ascertain nothing interferes with the contacts of the battery. Remove the battery, the power adapter, press the power button and wait for few seconds. Replace the plug and battery, then power up the laptop.


Low battery can be understood if the LED battery power indicator is blinking. Plug in the AC power source and if your laptop does not immediately start, turn it off and on again. If your battery power is getting used too quickly, it means the power is used much. Check your OS scheme of power options.


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