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Bedroom Games – Adult Truth or Dare

“Truth or Dare,” Spin the Bottle, and 7 Minutes in Heaven are all popular at adolescent boy-girl parties. The combination of innocent experimentation with raging hormones and some naughty ideas are all it takes to get some good party games going for young tweens and teens. But who says the fun and excitement has to […]

The Itchy manhood and Psoriasis – Can Natural Remedies Help?

There’s not a guy alive who hasn’t experienced an itchy manhood at one time or another; but there’s a difference between a male organ that has the occasional itch and one that is affected by psoriasis. The latter can be a major inconvenience and needs to be treated periodically to provide relief. Engaging in proper […]

Best Epidermal Good Hygiene Items – What You Need to Look For

With so many healthy epidermis care systems, it is essential that you understand the nature and manage your epidermis first. You better understand the relationship between the different components of the epidermis and your relationships for better treatment, tone and moisture. There are many aspects that can cause that they should be avoided in the […]

Male Fertility Breakthrough – Are Swimmers Made from Skin Cells the Future of Infertility Treatments?

There is nothing more dreaded by a couple struggling to have a baby than the word infertility. For some couples, this means that they will need to use the help of science to do what so many others are able to do naturally. Unfortunately, for too many couples, this could be the end of their […]

Reproductive Health 101 – Need-to-Know Facts about Protection and Birth Control

Many guys take a don’t ask don’t tell approach to contraception and birth control, and — apart from the good old latex barrier — probably wouldn’t be able to identify other types of birth control if they were looking right at them. Whether a guy is a novice in terms of reproductive health or just […]