How Big Is Your Email Marketing List

If you have an internet business you need an email marketing list. The larger your email list, the more people will read your product announcements. There are many ways to build your list. All you need to do is look at how others build their list to start your own creative ideas flowing and come up with your own list building techniques.

Most people who are in the internet marketing business today started because they were on the list of some internet marketer who was promoting internet marketing courses. Email is still an effective way to reach a targeted group of customers. If you are not spending at least ten percent of your marketing efforts on your email campaign you need to shift more of your efforts towards list building.

The way to build your list is to use a squeeze page or opt-in page and offer an ethical bribe to your internet visitors. The ethical bribe could be an eBook, a free report, or a free newsletter. Whatever you offer has to be something of real value or else people will not part with their email address. Internet users are familiar with how the game works and know that once they give you their email address they will start getting messages from you.

You need to ask yourself this objective question, ?If you came upon your free offer would you sign up for it?? If you say no, then do not expect others to sign-up for your free offer either. The first rule when it comes to list building is to offer something of real value in exchange for your visitor’s email address and name.

When you have a list use it, do not forget those on your list. Think of your list not as a means to make money or to sell products, instead think of your list as a means to build relationships with your potential customers. Speak to those on your list as individuals. When you send out a message, create messages as if you are addressing a friend.

When you send personalized messages to your ?email list? you will start building relationships. The fact is that people want to buy from people they know and not from strangers. Let the people on your list get to know you, the good and the bad.

You do not have to make your messages part of your personal therapy sessions but, you can be open with people, and even a little vulnerable, so people can feel as if they know you personally. You might ask why worry about building relationships with the people on your email list. Think about it this way, if you had a restaurant business that seats fifty people and each night thirty five people who know you personally would patronize your place of business, do you think your restaurant would be successful?

Of course it would because you can count on people you know coming to your establishment each day and spending money. The same holds true with your email list when you send out promotional messages. You can rest assure that a large group of people who have a relationship with you are reading what you have for sale and people like to buy from people they know.

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