Vacation Packing Tips : A Short Guide For Men

It’s never too early to start planning for your summer vacation, right? Especially when you look out of the window, see grey skies and find yourself distracted by dreams of sunshine. So what should you take with you on your summer break? One item that’s really important is your sunglasses. They’re only small, so easily forgotten but, at the same time, easy to stash away in your luggage. Go for a big pair that will protect your eyes from the glare as well as the sun.

You should also make sure to take a selection of T-shirts with you. Tees are great for use as cover-ups on the beach if you can feel yourself burning in the sun, as well as being useful if you’re heading off to a bar or restaurant. Take a selection of colors with you so you can mix and match your outfits, but be careful not to wear anything that clashes with the amazing tan you’re sure to get. Go with loose, breathable fabrics like cotton to stay cool.

Another key item you should make sure to pack in your suitcase is a pair or two of board shorts. These will serve you well whether you’re spending the day chilling on the beach or if you’re off out on a day trip to do some exploring. They’re generally made out of a breathable fabric that also folds up really small, meaning they’ll fit easily into your luggage. Knee length shorts are especially trendy and they can double up as bathing shorts, helping you save room in your luggage.

You need to make sure to take a couple of pairs of shoes with you on vacation, too. Don’t go overboard or they won’t fit in your luggage! Flip flops are great for casual exploring or for lounging around on the beach, plus they’re cheap and don’t take up much space, making them a great buy. A pair of sturdy sandals is also a good idea on vacation as they’re breathable and cool but sturdy enough that you’ll be able to walk around in them if you need to.

One final thing that should always make it into your vacation suitcase is a long-sleeve casual shirt or two. Pale colors such as white or light blue are really good as they’ll help keep you cool despite the long sleeves by reflecting the light of the sun. This is particularly good for fair-skinned people as the shirt will provide a good cover for your shoulders as well as looking fantastic if you find yourself going out for a formal meal as part of your vacation.

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