Regcure Review

So addressing the question, “are paid complete RegCure cleaners better than free cleaning software?”, my answer is, it is best to purchase one. You can do the review yourself online when it comes to choosing one, but free RegCure cleaners usually aren’t “free”. Sure, the manufacturer may offer a free trial period, but eventually to maintain your system and a RegCure backup, you’ll end up purchasing an update. That is, if the software has an update. You may run into issues with customer support as well. Most free registries claim that they offer technical support, but it can lack thoroughness as the company might lack the funds needed to simply pay staff. RegCure Review

Now that the root of the issue had been identified, I probed the net and found a lot of Registry Repair Software available online; Regcure, Max Registry Cleaner and Live Help, to name a few. The Regcure program caught my attention. It offered the customary registry repair features that I guess come with most, if not every such program. It also offered features like Backup & Restore, Custom scan and Scheduled scan which I did not find in the other software. I told myself that this was good enough for me and decided to try it. Regcure offered a free trial of its Scan feature. I downloaded it and put my computer under its scrutiny. I was a little taken aback to see that the computer had about 200 odd errors.

RegCure Review – Paretologic Reg Cure Exposed?
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