Plumbing tips from one of St Albans plumbers

When you have a plumbing leak in your house the first thing to do is to turn off the water. This can be done by turning off the mains water entering the house, normally under the kitchen sink or if you have had a new water meter installed out on the road it will be easier to turn it off there if you are not sure where the stop cock is and you are in trouble most plumbers In St Albans should be able to tell you over the phone as they have worked in the area of St Albans

Turning off the water mains will shut off all water entering the building, and depending on where the leak is, it may take only a short time for a leak to stop as the water needs to drain down to the water level. If it is on a mains water pipe it will stop instantly, For example if you have a un vented water system it will stop very quickly. But if it is on a gravity system it may take several minutes to drain.

If you cant turn the water off out in the road or by turning a stop cock you will need to find some Plumbers In St Albans to come out and freeze the main pipe which will allow them to install a new stop cock for you.

If you want to speed up the process of the water to drain down, you can go round the building and open up all of the water taps, Or if it is on the central heating system you can go and grab a hose pipe and the attach it to a drain cock which can be found normally on a pipe next to a radiator.

You can then open up the drain off with a spanner but you must make sure that you have turned off the central heating pump as it will damage it if there is no water in the system allowing the pump to run dry. You can turn the central heating pump off by the room stat or flicking the switch next to the boiler.

If you are drain the hot water you don’t have to worry about turning of the pump as it is the central heating side of the system which heats up the water. If you call plumbers in St Albans and they can not give you these simply advise how to get out of trouble I would not use him because is most likely not qualified

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