Isabel De Los Rios’ Blueprint to an Excellent Healthy Body


For a younger teenaged Isabel, watching her mother and grandmother striving to take care of their Type 2 Diabetes in check, brought about by poor decisions in consumption intake, was a painful and equally fearful scene to watch. A small but 30 lbs. greater than her preferrred weight, Isabel throughout her high school years only feared her situation, and being the first person that takes care of her mother and grandmother solely made her worry for more. She ultimately entered Rutgers University on a pre-med track, wanting to enhance the health of others regarding weight loss. Her continued research to an efficient weight reduction program drove her to Nutritional Studies and earning a degree on Exercise Physiology, bringing along with her tons of research for an effective weight loss method. Using herself as the experimental set-up; she began to develop what the world would know as the most effective weight loss plan: the Diet Solution Program.

95% of all diabetics are individuals affected by Type 2 Diabetes (they’ll produce insulin, but their body can’t react to it) or the “Lifestyle disease”, being called as such attributable to inadequate meal planning, weight problems, lack of train, and old age. Understanding the way to preserve blood sugar on manageable levels, Isabel slowly gained focus. Isabel was able to develop not only a short-term trimming information to have a lovely bikini match a perfect physique; girls know and perfectly understand that her plan was a very useful guide to healthy living and a fat-less body for the rest of their lives.

Isabel, through her patronized eBook, completely outlined what the problem is in the case of shedding weight. She asserted that it was not a matter of new dietary e-book nor another ebook telling them how and why to go on a diet. Rather, it is a matter of fixing lifestyles, eating habits, and view of life.When she visited her mother’s doctor for a consultation on insulin dosage, Isabel was capable of completely consolidate her plan. She immediately thought, “Why not just do away with this drug instead?”From there, she had her mom start on the identical nutritional plan she had designed. Sugar levels stabilized and consuming habits effectively established. She stopped eating processed meals and sweets which can be extremely rich in starch and eating solely what comes naturally on earth and good protein source per meal. Quite abruptly, her mother’s sugar level and weight moved to levels desirable for good well being and so they don’t to spend for frequent insulin dosage.

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