Skipping Meals Can Make You Gain Weight Instead Of Losing It

Let’s be honest here many people when trying to lose weight they do not try to be educated about it first. They just come up with some ideas without learning how their bodies work. These ideas that are not based on knowledge end up with harming them rather than making them healthy.

Some of the wrong ideas that many people have is that if they want to lose weight then they have to decrease calories and to do that they skip a meal. They think that less food means less calories means less weight. Actually if calories are decreased in a wrong way this may work totally in the opposite directions and means more fat stored in the body.

To give a common example about this idea let’s see what happens when you skip breakfast. When you eat breakfast you give your boy the energy it needs during the period that you spend the most effort in work. So when you get to lunch time you eat normally without feeling so hungry.

But when you skip breakfast it might be ok for the first or second hour after waking up but after that your empty stomach tells your brain that you are hungry. The brain receives this signal at first as a normal hunger signal but if it took more time your brain thinks that there is something wrong.

When you get to lunch time you are already very hungry and you feel that only a very sugary diet will satisfy this hunger. So you crave sugar and take in a lot of sugar in short time which is not all used by the body so it will be stored as fat.

Now if you are craving high calorie meals this you know what the reason is, it is because you skip meals. Actually this is not necessarily happen because skipping breakfast as it can happen because of skipping other meals in case you take long time before the next meal.

Get out of this way of thinking and don’t skip meals. Your body needs certain amount of calories each day and you can’t give it all its needs at once in one meal and hope it will spread it over the whole day. This is not how our bodies work. You need to spread the calorie requirements along the day in three or even more meals.

This is only one example of what can happen if you just trying to apply your own ideas to lose weight with no knowledge at all and there many other things. So always when you want to do something in the right way educate yourself about it first then take serious right action.

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