Pocket Folder Printing: Balancing Design and Functionality

When it comes to pocket folder printing, there is a fine balance between the design and its functionality. Especially on custom folder printing for marketing, where the folder is more than just a container, balance is key to an effective and powerful kind of folder. In this guide, let me teach you how to balance the crucial elements of pocket folder printing. Just read through the list below, and you will discover exactly the balancing concepts involved in folder printing.

• Balancing size choices – The first balancing act in pocket folder printing is the size of the pocket folder. There are of course different sizes of pocket folders that are used for a lot of different purposes. While the larger ones have great impact and a lot more capacity, the smaller kind of pocket folders have the mobility for ease of deployment. So there is a balancing act involved in terms of capacity/impact as well as mobility when it comes to folder printing.

The best tip in regards to this situation is to choose your main objective first. If impact and content is your priority, then you should aim first for larger pocket folders. However, if mobility and ease of distribution is the objective, then smaller color folders are the first thing you should consider. Once chosen, you can then vary or customize the dimensions a bit so that they can be a little larger or smaller for your purposes. Balance them out basically with a leaning to your main objective. This makes for a better pocket folder overall.

• Balancing the folder configuration – The next balancing act is the basic configuration of the pocket folders. What are the different pocket configurations do you need. Do you need a full pocket sleeve, a half sleeve, diagonal pockets etc. There are plenty of different configurations that folder printing companies can offer you. The key in choosing the right balance of pockets in your custom folders is to basically determine first what content is meant for the folder. Every content piece that you will like your folders to hold should have its corresponding appropriate pocket. Nothing more than that. Don’t go overboard and add additional pockets that don’t have any use. Use only the number of pockets needed and you will have a good balance in terms of configuration.

• Balancing color choices – Color is also a big balancing issue for custom pocket folders. Will you want a full color design that speaks of creativity and energy, or will you want the traditional kind of pocket folder that has a standard background color and some text? The former one is very eye catching and probably expensive, while the latter is simple/boring but very practical and cheap.

My tip when it comes to this kind of balancing act is to actually go for the middle ground. Do not get too practical and just print plain pocket folders. You can buy thousands of standard blank commercial folders just like that. Of course, do not also get too carried away with the color choices that it makes for a wild and too expensive full color folder printing. It is just a folder after all. Having plain background with a mid-sized design element is usually best. It keeps the folder simple, while still helping you add distinctive and powerful full color designs that are not too expensive to print. So make sure you try to balance these aspects in your folder printing.

So those are the things you will need to balance in folder printing. Try to get the best design that is functional for the best balance and most effective time in pocket folder printing.

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