Ten Step Approach For Eye Popping Traffic Magnet Web Design

If you’re thinking about making a website, there are a number of key elements you need to consider before setting out. If you follow this simple ten-step plan, you will be well on the way to sharing your creation with the World Wide Web community.

One. Select a HTML Editor

Before you can begin coming up with your new web site, you’ll need a piece of software called a HTML Editor or sometimes called Web Editor. Basically, this converts your visible design into a language called Hypertext Markup Language ( or HTML for short ). In turn, this is then translated by net browsers – such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – and delivers your website contents over the web. Virtually all Web Editors give you WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get ) functionality for simple use and simplicity and there are many to choose from. You can consider freeware, shareware or moving up into the commercial applications there’s the Microsoft Front Page offering or the more difficult, but much loved, Dreamweaver product.

Two. Simple design and structure

It is always best to keep the basic web design as simple as possible, not just because you are just starting out, but crucially because folks dislike “busy” looking content. Attempt to achieve a consistent layout across all the pages, ensuring you keep emblems, menus and content areas in the same place as much as humanly possible. Think carefully about your index structure, as web sites can start to grow legs and it can be quite annoying attempting to make simple changes if you have web pages and pictures all in the same index.

3. Keep the design easy on the eye

Have you ever visited a internet site and immediately clicked away from it because of mad, flashing pictures, ticker-tape text or simply downright garish colours. This is something to bear in mind as you develop your skills. Remember, what appeals to you may offend some other person’s senses, so try and keep color schemes as neutral as possible nearly to the point of being bland. Why do you believe Google’s website is so well-liked.

4. Easy navigation

Think about creating a straightforward navigation structure so that the user remains in control and doesn’t get confused and annoyed. As you start to create 3rd and even 4th level pages, always ensure there are fast routes back to the key pages.

Five. Unique content is essential

Try to make sure your content is relevant to what your internet site is all about. It sounds obvious, but do not just add content for the sake of padding it out and if you can keep the material original it will provide dividends in the longer term. Basically, the reason being because you need your visitors to return and the search engines will also give your internet site a higher ranking if it is full of original content.

Six. Webpage naming conventions

Have you ever paid a visit to a website where the individual web page URLs are so long you could never write them down. This isn’t good practice and it is helpful to both the search engines and visitors if the page names actually describe the contents wherever possible.

Seven. Titles and meta tags

Ensure that each and each internet page across your entire site carries a completely unique Title and Meta names that are relevant to each page. It is vital that you try to give each page a title that reflects the contents, as the search engines use this information when deciding the relative position of key word results. If you forget this important aspect, you may consign your net pages to the back of the search engine results queue.

8. Website name

Unless you intend to use free web space provided by your Internet service provider for example, you will need to consider getting a domain name. They’re so cheap that they’re accessible to virtually everyone and for the general public it’s a worthwhile investment.

9. Hosting Package

The general public will need to purchase a cheap hosting package to share their creative work with the general public. With the massive competition that exists in this arena, you’ll only have to pay some greenbacks a month for a basic offering. Try to not lock yourself into lengthy contracts, as you may need to look around later on when you become worried about the quantity of e-mail addresses, web space and bandwidth.

Ten. One way back links with anchor text

The principal way in which the Search Engines establish the level of a site’s popularity is to take under consideration the number and quality of links from other sites. There are plenty of other things, such as the standard of the content, but you must remember you need other internet sites to link to your internet site to achieve a reasonable search engine ranking.

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