Is Maotai a luxury?

As we know, the price of Maotai is becoming higher and higher nowadays. It has been increased 10 times in recent 10 years. And Maotai was applied to the World Luxury Association for the luxury qualifications in November, 2011.

But in fact, the argument of i whether the Maota is a luxury has continued for a very long time. This time, the Shanghai People’s Congress’s advice for spending public funds is not allowed to drink Maotai, and again to this argument has became the focus of public concern.

As we know from the economy, the reason of why luxuries become luxuries is because the needing much than the producing. Although Maotai Group claimed Maotai is not a luxury, people are not think so. For most Chinese people, Maotai is not only a kind of wine, but also a symbol of identity. It means that Maotai has became a luxury in people’s view. And a bottle of ordinary Maotai costs at least 2,000 Yuan today, so it’s easy to see that Maotai is not a kind of general production.

In the long run, if Maotai is been defined as a luxury, it would be removed from public funds to consumer market because of strong public criticism. It must take a huge loss for Maotai Group. In my opinion, this is the key of the argument. So, the most important thing of “Is Maotai a luxury?” is that we should pay more attention to the public funds spending.

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