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Luxury consumption in the second-tire and third-tire cities

As we all know, Luxury consumption becomes more and more popular in China. Chinese luxury consumption will be the first in the world in the few years not only in the first tier cities, but also in the second-tire and third-tire cities. With the development of China’s economy, People have more money to buy luxury […]

To Collect the Sponsorship Fee or Not?

The sponsorship fee has two meanings. It has a broad and narrow sense, which school sponsorship fee is a special sponsorship fee, namely sponsoring for school construction. As for the students come from different districts, school will take charge as the tuition .Government has cancelled the sponsorship fee, but some schools ask for it as […]

Why does the divorcing rate increase?

Typically a marriage always starts on a happy note. They feel that they are really blessed because they have found a partner for life. But unfortunately it also can potentially end in a disaster. If you notice, the divorce rate has increased significantly over the years. Today’s society is not the same as what the […]

Is Maotai a luxury?

As we know, the price of Maotai is becoming higher and higher nowadays. It has been increased 10 times in recent 10 years. And Maotai was applied to the World Luxury Association for the luxury qualifications in November, 2011. But in fact, the argument of i whether the Maota is a luxury has continued for […]

To risk doesn’t mean to be brave

Some people say if you like to risk, you’re brave. Others say if you’re brave you dare to risk. I like the second opinion that to risk doesn’t mean to be brave.   If we analyze all the people who have achieved great success, we’ll find that they have something in common. That is they […]