To risk doesn’t mean to be brave

Some people say if you like to risk, you’re brave. Others say if you’re brave you dare to risk. I like the second opinion that to risk doesn’t mean to be brave.


If we analyze all the people who have achieved great success, we’ll find that they have something in common. That is they are brave and adventurous. From, this conclusion, we can see that bravery if linked with risk. Generally, someone who is brave does not fear to take a risk. However, brave means a person who is willing to do things which are difficult, dangerous or painful while risk means the possibility of something bad happening at some time in the future or a situation that could be dangerous or have result bad.  So I think that bravery involves calmness and strategy. You will tend to failed if you are lack of these two quantities.


As you know, Shi Yuzhu is a tremendous successful businessman now. But several years ago he encountered a serious frustration in his life and because of it he almost became nothing. The reason why he failed was that he took a risk to build his own “empire “by a wrong way. Though many people have tried to persuade him to change his ways,, he insisted to his idea. At that time he was risky but wasn’t brave


Form my perspective, to risk doesn’t mean to be brave. So let’s try to be brave rather than to be risk.

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