To Collect the Sponsorship Fee or Not?

The sponsorship fee has two meanings. It has a broad and narrow sense, which school sponsorship fee is a special sponsorship fee, namely sponsoring for school construction. As for the students come from different districts, school will take charge as the tuition .Government has cancelled the sponsorship fee, but some schools ask for it as before.

Nowadays, the sponsorship fee is not only tuition. This phenomenon is widespread in many middle schools. When the students in junior middle school come to senior middle school, although they get an unsatisfied point, money can make it so long as they have some certain relationships. Well, what is the condition if the poor students want to study in good school? Now, a certain amount of money is necessary.

It is widespread that the schools take charge arbitrarily. In order to respond to the society, the education law the Seventy-eighth stipulation, schools and other institutions of education in violation of the relevant provisions of the state to the education fee, the education administrative department shall be ordered to return the fees, the persons directly in charge and the other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

In my point of view, the schools should not collect the sponsorship fee. The education is the basic of a nation. If people need to spend so much money as the sponsorship fee, then how to improve the culture of the national? I hope that Chinese education system can make a god breakthrough and bring the dawn to the Chinese education.

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