OSHA 10 hour Construction Course

OSHA, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created an effective program, with the purpose of promoting safety within the demanding construction industry, by establishing a set of requirements, known under the name of OSHA 10 hour Construction Course. Taking into account the importance and the efficiency of this course, there are many states in which workers are asked to take this course, prior to working on publicly funded jobs. New York, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, Connecticut New Hampshire or Rhode Island are states that require OSHA10 Construction Course. It is worth noting this training course has an online version that meets all the necessary requirements, being regarded as an effective and fast way to obtain great results.

The workplace safety awareness represents a major concern for all businesses, regardless of their size and profile. The Occupational Safety and Health Act was established in 1970, used for promoting safe and healthy workplace conditions. The OSHA10 Construction Course is the most popular employee training course, as an introductory element from the OSHA Outreach Training Program. Foremen, construction workers, job supervisors are the best suited for taking the OSHA 10 hour Construction Course. The most important training objectives of this course, include standards, procedures and the federal agency’s guidelines. By following this training course, the participants will be able to identify potential safety hazards and to learn how to use scaffolds, power tools, stairways and heavy equipment (conveyors, hoists, elevators, cranes, derricks).

After completing the OSHA 10 hour Construction Course, the student will have to pass a written evaluation. Once the course is completed, a certificate will be rewarded.
The OSHA10 Construction Course has some amazing features: relevant photos and graphics, the possibility to finish it in 2 days or to take up 6 months to complete, being highly interactive and the possibility to get in touch with a trainer with any questions you have.

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