Why does the divorcing rate increase?

Typically a marriage always starts on a happy note. They feel that they are really blessed because they have found a partner for life. But unfortunately it also can potentially end in a disaster.

If you notice, the divorce rate has increased significantly over the years. Today’s society is not the same as what the older generations lived in. These days, people do not think highly of a marriage.

Many couples experience negative changes in their marriages after several years. Their happy early marriage lives are replaced by many arguments and fights. Each couple cannot stand each other anymore and they cannot stay under the same roof with arguing to each other. In the end, they feel that the situation has become unbearable and they decide to go for a divorce.

What has gone wrong with the new generations? Why do they easily consider a divorce?

There are several reasons that cause this situation. The most obvious reason is that the world has changed over the years. This is not the same world where our grandparents have lived before. Nowadays people are taught to be independent. People have learnt that freedom is the right of every individual. This new teaching sounds good, but it also has caused people to be more selfish.

Daily problems are another reason that has pushed the divorce rate up. Problems are becoming more and more complex. Stress and pressure invade every marriage life.

Another reason that causes the increase of the divorce rate is the high level of temptation. It is not surprising to find out that there are many people who are trapped by these temptations.

Among those reasons, perhaps the biggest reason of rising divorce rate is the process of divorce itself which has become much simpler these days. The world has really changed for the worse. A marriage is considered as an outdated concept and a divorce is the new trend.

However, you know better than to follow this negative trend. You can choose and you will choose wisely.

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