Discuss Common Cons of Panasonic 310 and 210

Panasonic DMP-BDP310 player is the upgrade version of Panasonic DMP-BDP210. Most settings and functions of these two blu ray players are same like Netflix feature, Skype, 3D capability, touch free sensor etc. The biggest difference between Panasonic 310 and 210 is the HDMI port. The model 310 adds one more HDMI port on the back, while 210 has only one port. Besides the additional HDMI port, Panasonic also puts a LED light on the front of 310, which is the slight difference in the front of two players. It is called V. OFF LED.

Some people care more about the playable contents. Panasonic didn’t upgrade the playable contents of the 210. So BDP310 has the same capability of disc playback with BDP210. Both these two models in US can’t play Divx formats and only the Canada models can do.

After we research on customer reviews of Panasonic 310 and Panasonic 210, we find they have the same issue about streaming capability. That is the well known flash black issue. When people are watching some videos on Netflix, they see black flash in the video. Not all Panasonic 310 and 210 player have this issue. But it is the unique problem of Panasonic blu ray player. Some customers have found out the solutions: leave the SD card in the slot and assign a static IP from the router instead of using the DHCP.

Panasonic developed a feature called the touch free sensor. In my opinion, this feature is just a publicity stunt and has limited practical utility. This feature doesn’t make Panasonic player stand out of all similar products. The company should care more about user experience and solve the well known black flash issue. Maybe Panasonic receives lots of negative feedback about the touch free sensor. The new models in 2012 don’t have this stupid feature.

As for the playback of USB devices, what Panasonic did always is not good enough. Both two models can playback images, videos and music. But they have limitation on file formats. The two models of players only read MKV, MPO, MP3 and JPG files. That makes people have to transform their file to these four file formats. One thing that you should know about USB ports of Panasonic 310 and 210. The front port is used to play files, while the rear one is SPECIFICALLY used for Skype camera. If you check the user manual of the 310 or 210, you will find that the words below the rear USB port are “communication camera”.

The price is the last difference between these two models. While I’m writing this article, the Panasonic 310 price on Amazon is $219 and Panasonic 210 on Amazon is $158.88.

Conclusion: Compare Panasonic 310 and Panasonic 210, the only difference is the HDMI connection: 310 has two; 210 has one. Panasonic adds the additional HDMI connection for compatibility with pre-3D HDMI receivers. When you plan to buy 310 or 210, the only thing you should consider is if you need two HDMI connections and want to pay an extra $60 for the additional HDMI port.

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