Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet That You Can Use Now

If you are looking for the best ways for carpet cleaning, then you should begin by looking at your current cleaning equipment. An old, weak vacuum cleaner wont do you much good, so our recommendation is to search for a new, more powerful model. Some very high end vacuums, such as Kirby vacuums, can cost over a thousand dollars and even several thousand.

Vacuum cleaners in this price range are out of the reach of most folks; nonetheless, you can easily find a high-quality product that is priced lower.

Speaking of prevention, heres a good suggestion that will also keep your carpets looking fresh and clean for a lot longer. Do you have kids or a lot of traffic running through specific areas of your home? If so, cover these areas of carpet with carpet runners. Undoubtedly you have seen these runners in various places where you shop. They are usually rectangular in shape and come in various widths. They are available in various lengths so you can pick and choose the ones that are appropriate for your high traffic areas. This is a wonderful idea for extending the longevity of your carpet because the runner – which can be easily replaced – will wear out before the carpet. Do you already see signs of wear and tear in the heavy traffic areas of your carpet? This may occur in your halls and around the front door. Look over the carpet runner selection the next time youre out shopping and think seriously about how you can use them to protect your carpet and lengthen its useful life.

Heres an interesting fact we came across regarding older carpets of ten years or more. When you change your carpets, and roll them up to carry them outside, you will find that they have become very heavy. They are a little heavy to begin with, but their weight increases dramatically with age. The reason for the weight increase is they have a lot of dirt in them. A carpet doesnt necessarily have to look dirty. The dirt that gets impacted into the carpet causes the extra weight. This fact is interesting and we have talked to people in the carpet industry who say its true. You can understand why you need a strong vacuum cleaner and, if yours isnt, you should replace it so you can vacuum your rugs thoroughly during the week.

It goes without saying that if your carpet is light-colored, it will be harder to keep clean, A bigger challenge than getting rid of pet stains, is cleaning up food and drink stains. when you see commercials on television for stain removal products, they almost always feature a spill of red wine on a cream colored or white carpet. Some food stains, especially if the food is tomato based, are even worse to remove than pet stains. This is true even if you catch the spill immediately. Search for an enzyme based food stain remover. They are available the same as the ones for pet stains. It would be a good idea to have it in case of a food spill.

If you dont ignore your carpets, you will know instinctively what you need to do to keep them clean and healthy. All it takes is a little common sense. This may not be the most fascinating subject to think about; nonetheless, its important and deserves some serious contemplation on your part. The best way to ensure clean and healthy carpets, and also make them easier to keep clean, is to vacuum them thoroughly once or twice a week without fail.

Tips for carpet cleaning
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