Assessing The Broadband, Landline and Television Bundle Options of Sky

Statistics released after the end of the first quarter of 2012 show that Sky has become the most popular telecoms provider in terms of the amount of its bundles that have been purchased by households in the United Kingdom. While its television services were already known to be hugely popular because of the amount of exclusive programming it was able to show, it is a surprise that its Sky Talk landline and Broadband have sold anywhere near as well to make its bundles so popular, although this could easily be a knock-on effect from new customers wanting the television and deciding that they might as well take the other services as well.

Whatever the reason for its sudden success as a provider of telecoms bundles, it can’t be denied that the services it provides are of an extremely high quality. The Sky TV packages alone are worth entering into a contract with the company the programme choices are eclectic, with documentaries, dramas, comedies, films, sport, music and kids options available in both standard and high-definition depending on the Channel Packs you opt for. The Sky digital boxes that come as standard with any of the company’s deals allow users to pause and rewind live TV, as well as recording it if they happen to be out (this is a feature that can also be accessed from their phones). You really begin to save money on them when you combine them with the company’s other services.

Rather than bombarding customers with technical jargon, the Sky Talk and Broadband are very easy to understand. There are only two types of landline deal to go for: the Evening and Weekend Calls deal and the Unlimited Anytime Calls deal, both of which are completely self-explanatory. However, the Unlimited Anytime Calls deal features unlimited international calls to twenty destinations around the world as well as call rates to mobiles that are 20% cheaper than on the Evening and Weekend Calls deal. In terms of broadband, the Everyday Lite deal has 2GB of monthly usage, while the Unlimited and Fibre deals have unlimited usage allowances and access to The Cloud Wifi hotspots located around the country. The Fibre deal is much faster in terms of download speeds than the other two deals.

All of these deals can be combined in any way you can think of to create a customised bundle on the Sky website alternatively, there are a number of pre-packaged bundles that you can take advantage of. The ultimate price of the bundle will ultimately depend on what you put in it, but you can be sure that the services you’ll have access to will be of an unsurpassable quality.

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