Now growing old is not a burden with St. Winifred’s Nursing Home.

If one thinks that growing old is a burden for oneself and for others than this concept has become wrong with facilities of nursing home Brighouse. With abatement, washing, and other day care activities Residential care home Brighouse and catering services. Your one stops old age solution.

Nursing is the basic service which is available at St. Winifred’s Nursing Home. We have registered nurses for people who require regular medical attention throughout the day. It is normal that people when grow old need special care and attention to maintain themselves and be productive to the society. Nursing is one the most required service required in older age.

Nursing home brighouse is not like other ordinary nursing houses. It has many facilities available for people associate with it. Some of the services available at nursing home brighouse include respite and day care. It is a service for those people who are disturbed by boring old age life and wants to enjoy and accompany with people of their age. They need a break from their hectic life.

There are various activities along with nursing offered at St. Winifred’s Nursing Home. Activities to indulge the residents of Residential care home Brighouse include film shows, exercise classes, art and craft classes, BBQ, Aromatherapy etc. These activities are planned by our activities organiser along with the residents of Residential care home Brighouse. We also hire professional entertainers to entertain with the activities and who do musical afternoon and pantomimes. We believe that if a person is involved in various activities then he or she can be mentally and physically fit. A good workout can keep a person young beyond his years.

We at Nursing home brighouse also provide catering service to keep our residents and associates strong and healthy. Our cooks prepare nutritious meals which are fit for the people and which is a key source to keep them happy and healthy. We believe that proper diet plan, nutritious and tasty meal which caters the need of the people not only helps them to maintain their health but also make them mentally strong.

When it comes to the maintenance, Residential care home Brighouse we have a special maintenance team which tries their best and make it sure that the home is in compliance with all the health and safety views. Besides this we also work in compliance with the rule and regulations required by our local councils and other regulatory authorities. We do require the services of various professionals to carry out tasks such as attending to the elevators or the fire alarms. This is done to ensure all possible safety factors for our residents and people who are associated with us in one way or another.

This nursing home brighouse also have specialists on our panel so that we can cater you in all professional way. Various doctors’ nurses and dentist visit us to look after the residents of Nursing Home Brighouse. This also includes Podiatrist, Chiropodist, Dieticians, Pharmacists and Palliative Care Nurses.

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