Attention, early symptoms of endometritis should be recognized timely

Endometritis is a relatively common gynecological disease. However, few people know that the early symptoms of endometritis and how to recognized with it. So here, we will have a brief introduction of these problems.

1. The abdominal pain

One of the early symptoms of endometritis is the abdominal pain. However, in the early stage, patients show no pains. And a part of individual patients may get the lower abdominal discomfort. But when one enter into the last stage,a significant pain will occur due to the invasion and oppression of tumor to the pelvic nerve. Besides, some secondary infections and empyema occur in uterine can also cause the abdominal cramps.

2. Irregular periods

Another early symptom of endometritis is the irregular periods.
When it becomes severe, the inflammation can spread to the myometrium, which finally become the uterine myositis. Once this happen, some small abscess can be formed. If inflammation extended outward, it can finally lead to the pelvic inflammatory disease. When you have a check in hospital, you can found the uterine with the increased tenderness and become thickening on both sides.

3. Vaginal bleeding at postmenopausal

The third early symptom of endometritis is vaginal bleeding. Irregular vaginal bleeding during postmenopausal is one of the more prominent and typical symptoms occur on patients with endometritis. Originally, there are small amount of bleeding and intermittent, and the amount is less than the normal menstrual flow. Sometimes, it is even less that only a small amount of blood on the underwear. When it is in the late stage, the amount of bleeding can be increased. Sometimes, it is more than the normal flow and it is also persistent. Patients usually get the feeling of anemia.

The treatment of endometritis

For treatment without side effect, people tend to choose the TCM treatment. And among this treatment, fuyan pills created by Wuhan Dr.lee is the most effective one. Fuyan Pill focus on heat-clearing and detoxicating. it holds a strong ability to kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, pathogens in genital tract. Besides, it also has the effect of sterilizing and absolutely diminishing inflammation, which can cure the disease from the root.

At the same time, fuyan pills can also promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis as well as relieving pain. With these functions, all the symptoms of endometritis can be eliminated. With a low recurrence, fuyan pill become the best medicine to be trust.

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