An Easy Strategy To Find Stock Day Trading Patterns

Many people who are learning to day trade typically will find themselves with the identical challenge. What is the best way to discover day trading ideas in real time. The trouble isn’t merely coming across a few decent ideas, it is discovering enough of them to produce a profit on a regular basis. Trading mostly a probabilities game. To come out on top you want plenty of choices to let the probabilities work for you because a specified percent will most likely wind up as a loss regardless of what level of proficiency you possess. The major goal is to try to finish every day with a gain. This means we likly will need to identify a minimum of 5 stock trading patterns daily. Not all trade setups are going to be traded. Missing out on potential trades occurs regularly as well, especially if you are using limit orders to place your trades a lower risk spot and the trade does not get executed.
One of the easiest methods to find trade ideas is to make it uncomplicated. Set up a 5 minute chart of a stock price, ideally one that has reasonable volume and volatility. Put up both Bollinger bands and a 13 period SMA on the chart. We are looking utilize the two of these to pinpoint a trend and then get in the trend at a low-risk area. The blueprint to this method is to not guess when a trend might begin – that means do not guess at price action. When looking to buy, we are going to wait until the upper band is sloped up and the bottom band is sloped up for at least price bars. We would like the price to have touched or pushed above the top band recently. Next we watch the 13 period moving aveage. Anything price this location as soon as the price is in a trend is a good area for entry. In very strong trends there may be no opportunity – meaning no pullback to the moving average or a bit lower.
To find the short setup we are planning to do just the opposite with a minor modification. Short trends tend to be faster and have less capacity to remain in the price trend. As soon as price trades above the 13 period simple average the downtrend is completed most of the time. So we want the upper and lower band to be angled down for a minimum of the last 5 price bars. We will look for the price to be on or below the lower band for a couple of bars currently. The entry in the downtrend is will be about 50-75 % in between the 13 period average and the bottom bollinger band. When attempting to place a short trade utilizing this technique is likely to lead to smaller profits than the long entries.
Another point to keep in mind when utilizing this approach is to use it on dozens of stocks at the same time. Make sure that you get many varied sectors included so there will be a variety of trade options to choose from. The majority of the nice profits using this technique will occur in the first 3 or 4 hours of trading. As a result of some experience, you ought to find that this method is capable to get more or less a 65 % win ratio with no substantial losses. If you find yourself a long or a short and the Bollinger bands start flattening out and you have not exited at a profit, you should aim to exit the trade at the best price you can, even if that is a small loss. The average trade time from entry using this method is about 20-30 minutes or so. Anything beyond this time without nailing down a gain increases the chances of a losing trade.

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