A Homemade Hangover Remedy Often Works Best

If global warming is a universal issue which transcends borders then a hangover could easily qualify as a universal problem faced by people in every part of the world without any remittance on its symptoms. For a person suffering from a hangover, the next endeavor is to look for an effective hangover cure so that the misery can be overcome and normalcy restored as quickly as possible. Although there are many mantras which claim to treat hangovers in a jiffy, a true hangover remedy is one which is simple, nourishing as also efficient.

When you have a hangover, there is no constraint on trying out a hangover remedy no matter where in the world it might be hailing from. It is courtesy this factor that a particular soup recipe from Spain has acquired fame all over the world. Known as Ajo Blanco meaning white garlic it is a traditional Spanish cold soup which has been found to remove the cobwebs of over-indulgence rather quickly. Its efficacy as a hangover cure arises from the healing power of garlic and the high concentration of minerals and protein in almonds and also the fact that both ingredients are excellent digestives.

Another hangover remedy on which many people put their faith on hails from Vietnam and is a noodle soup named Pho. While a basic preparation calls for use of beef, broth and rice noodles only, the concoction can be spiced up with addition of liver, chicken heart and other entrails. Some of its traditional accompaniments are bean sprouts, basil, jalapenos and lime and this explains as to why Pho is rated all over the world as the best hangover cure. Having this soup during a hangover not only hydrates the body but flushes out the toxins and nausea as well.

Symptoms of hangover have been known to be relieved by asparagus as well and while the best way would be to chew on the leaves, there are other options like herbal extract, supplements and herbal tea which provide the hangover cure as well. Asparagus is naturally equipped with anti-oxidants and these help to protect the liver by fighting against the free radicals. Boiling fresh asparagus with water and squeezing a dash of lime in it is a popular hangover remedy which takes only a few minutes to prepare and works wonders on an already harassed mind.

Thanks to its ability as a hangover cure, Menudo has earned the nickname of ‘Breakfast of Champions’. This is one hangover remedy which runs contrary to other instant cures since it takes a long time to prepare but it is still popular because not only is it worth the time and trouble but can be preserved for a number of days at a stretch as well. For Texans and Mexicans, this honeycomb tripe preparation is the ultimate hangover solution and subsequent to being prepared the menudo is served in large-sized bowls garnished with lime.

Ginseng is yet another natural curative which can act as a replacement for a cup of coffee the next morning. In addition to causing opening up of senses, it boosts physical endurance of the victim thus empowering him to cope well with the symptoms. Other alternatives are Guarana which heals the body from within and green tea which is known for its many beneficial properties. In case you are not in a mood to try any of these recipes, then the best remedy for you would entail heating a cup of water, squeezing lemon in it, dissolving a teaspoonful of honey and sipping it.

People residing in different parts of the globe follow their own unique methods to beat the hangover and term it as being the best hangover cure in the world. Such a hangover remedy is usually a recipe consisting of a few basic ingredients aimed to replenish the body’s fluids and nutrients.

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