Your Vida Vacations Guide

The rugged vistas of Mexico are simply prerequisite views for those who love traveling. The country is among the leading vacation spots today due to its gorgeous coastlines and charming culture. But just as you plan to visit any other location, a good traveler must learn the basics to enjoy the best Mexican vacation experience.

For example, you need to know the peak and off seasons for tourism. You can expect the country to experience a dry and a wet season in one year. The dry season begins around April and goes on to May, where it then cedes to the rains.

The greenery looks best during the rainy time of the year, although it is slightly less convenient. There are hordes of flowers in bloom during this season. The afternoon is when drizzles take place, but they do not last very long.

Then there is the hurricane season, which spans the months of June to October. Stay away from the usual high-risk places (you can ask the weather bureau for these) and you should be fine. The Mexican landscape looks wonderful after the storms, though, and the clement weather makes it a perfect place to visit then.

The traveler may benefit too from being aware of the peak tourist times. The vacationers really come rolling in around spring break, for instance, and you can learn more about the sort of places they visit just by looking at news reports and the usual coverage that time draws from teen-targeting TV channels. This is an indication of what months may not be best should the vacationer desire a more tranquil location for his respite.

You have to remember that there are far more persons here that have Spanish as their tongue, as opposed to those who use English regularly. Bringing along an English to Spanish dictionary would be a very good idea. Since people here respond better to efforts to learn their culture, you can actually benefit from going ahead and learning a few of the most popular expressions or sayings.

You might have to prepare a few pesos in case you want to go shopping here. Always bring spare bills with you because a lot of establishments in Mexico do not yet take credit cards. Bring cash with you for easier and faster transactions.

A very important tip to keep in mind when traveling to Mexico is to never attempt to drink the water. It is best to be paranoid here, even if they do argue that they filter their water in the establishment. Be warned that it is unwise to trust too much in just about any vendor of fare, so patronize only clean and established restaurants while in the country.

This is not to say that the country is an unsafe one. It is nonetheless the tourist’s responsibility to stay away from places less than welcoming of tourists, naturally. It would be a foolish tourist who did not go about his travels with his eyes open, at the very least.

The Mexican hotels are seeing a rapid increase in the number of patrons from the US and Canada, and it does not seem to be stopping any time soon. Click here to find out more about the facilities most of them turn to, like those owned by Vida. Be conscientious about your travel prep, of course, just to make sure you can really have fun later on without thinking of troubles.

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