Reset Windows Password, Then Write It Down

Windows is one of the most popular operating system for computers. Its interface is user-friendly and its applications are very relevant to the needs of the modern man. When computers are purchased for personal use, it is a natural act to add passwords to user accounts to prevent unauthorized access of the whole system. However, on rare occasions when you forgot Windows 7 password, it may cause serious problems, especially if the files in it are very important. Since losing such files is not an option, reformatting the whole computer by re-installing the operating system is out of the choices.

Inability to enter your own computer is a terrible situation and losing files is never a good thing. However, you do not have to reluctantly erase everything just to reset the password because there are programs designed to recover or reset Windows 7 password. If you want to recover your password, you can opt for the free software available for download and follow the simple steps. You can also try making educated guesses if you think your password is manually retrievable. You can also try resetting it – this means the password will be permanently deleted – but such action will not harm your computer or your files.

One of the most common ways to reset Windows 7 password is to install programs capable of deleting user account encryptions. This procedure will require downloading of such programs on a computer you can use and copying it to a bootable disk. Bootable disk (CD or flash drive) is very important since this is the only type of disks read by computers even without accessing the operating system. If you have completed copying the program, usually in an ISO format, you can now insert this into your computer and if everything is done correctly, it will run automatically and will bring you to an option window. The window would list all the available user accounts, including the Administrator.

Then, choose which user account you want to reset the password; it is more practical to go for the Administrator account since most troubleshooting can be performed when the Administrator account is accessible. Once you have chosen the account, the program will ask you to confirm the resetting of the password and all you have to do is wait. Since the program is not required to identify your lost password, the process is completed instantly. You can now restart your computer and add a new password if you wish.

Other options to reset Windows password would need the access of the Administrator account. Since the default Administrator account is not protected by password (and if you are running Windows 7), you can open the ‘Local Users and Groups’ tab from the Start icon and typing ‘lusrmgr.msc’. This will show a list of available user accounts and you can set new passwords for them. The other option requires running the command prompt and this might be an impractical option for beginners. To run the command prompt, simply click on the Start button and type ‘cmd’ on the search box.

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