Using Online Promotions to Attract Consumers to Your Dealership

Using promotions like sales, special deals or contests is old hat in the automotive industry. In the competitive atmosphere of local automotive dealerships, dealerships will often try to outdo one another by having the best deals in town. Another way dealerships will promote their products is through contests or raffles. Historically the only way dealerships could advertise their promotions was through coupons, print, radio or TV ads. These methods were often expensive and were difficult to track successfully. Now with the internet, there are a myriad of methods that dealerships can use to advertise their promotions that come at little to no cost and can be tracked effectively, while efficiently measuring their success rates. By using websites – whether it is their dealer site, blog, social media site, etc. – or different online forms of advertising, there are many avenues that dealers can use to promote their special sales or deals online. Read on to see a few ways dealers can use online means to support their promotions and attract consumers:

Promote Through Online Advertisements
Unlike traditional advertising methods – print, radio, TV – online advertising is both relatively inexpensive and easy to track. Online advertising allows dealers to target where the ad shows up and you only have to pay when someone clicks your ad – depending upon what type of advertising method you use. The biggest advantage of using online advertising is being able to target your audience effectively. Putting an ad in the newspaper or on the radio guarantees that people will see or hear the ad but it can’t guarantee that everyone will be interested in the ad. Online advertisements can target a very specific audience that is interested in automotive products.

While advertising their promotions dealerships should consider using three types of online advertising: search engine, display and video advertising. Through search engine advertising dealerships can have their ads triggered by the keywords that searchers use in their search queries. This ensures that only people that have shown interest in the dealer’s promotion or products – because of the keywords used in their search – will be shown ads. Display advertising allows dealers to create rich and detailed advertisements that can are shown on websites. For example, a dealer could have their ad for a Fiat sale displaying on a Fiat forum, thus ensuring that it is reaching a highly interested audience. Video advertising can be a very powerful tool as well. Video ads can be shown within sites like Youtube – the second largest search engine online – where the video can play before targeted videos, again ensuring that a qualified audience is viewing the dealer’s ad. Online advertising is a great way to ensure that highly interested audiences will view the dealer’s promotions.

Promote on Your Website and Social Media Sites
Dealers should always promote their sales, contests, etc. on their own web properties. Places like their website, social media sites or local listings are all places that people go to while looking at your dealership online. By advertising sales on your online properties, you can ensure that when people are looking through your website or social sites, they will see your promotion.
When promoting their deals online dealerships should create a section of their website specifically dedicated to such deals. By doing so dealerships can create a condensed space where consumers can go to see every promotion that that dealer has to offer. Dealerships should also promote their deals on their social media sites. By creating and posting content on social sites dealerships can ensure that they will reach their followers who have already shown an interest in their dealership.

Utilize Email
Most dealerships have a robust email list of consumers that have shown interest in their products. Utilizing these email lists is a great way to advertise upcoming promotions. By utilizing these email lists dealerships can reach to past or current consumers that have already purchased something from their dealership and may be interested in purchasing something again.
One way to use email to advertise upcoming promotions is to write something about it in a regular newsletter. If your dealership distributes a regular e-Newsletter then make sure that information about the upcoming promotion is displayed upfront so that everyone can see it. By doing so you can ensure that your promotion is sent out to a highly interested that has already purchased, or has shown interest in purchasing, something from your dealership.

Using the internet to advertise upcoming promotions is a powerful, cost-effective tool. By using online avenues you can ensure that a highly interested audience will learn about your promotions, boosting your sales potential.

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