Grocery items like Oil and Ghee, Ice apple fruit, Coconut oil and fruit apples online

Top Online Grocery Shop India


There are so many online grocery shops serving the Indians. Among them the top online grocery shop India is Big It is the top online grocery shops India because it has almost all items not only grocery but each and every item that is essential to the family. It is serving the Indians at their best. It has professional sales boys and girls as well as delivery boys and girls.


Oil and Ghee


Oil and ghee are essential food items for the Indian kitchens.  There are different kinds of oils such as coconut oil, ground nut oil, mustard oil, custard oil, and sun flower oil and some other edible oils and cow ghee, buffalo ghee and vegetable ghee. They are rich in saturated and unsaturated fats, Vitamin A, D and E and carbohydrates. Oil and Ghee are necessary to our body growth.


Ice Apple fruit


Ice apple fruit is the unique fruit among the other fruits because it is not contaminated by the chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants for the centuries. It has grown naturally and gives ice apple fruit in hot summer season. It can chill our body during the hot season. It is not only an organic fruit but also keeps up the glucose levels and helps us with stand the heat waves.


Best Online Grocery shop India


                Now a day, the Indians are becoming so busy. There is no time to get groceries physically. So, there are a number of online grocery shops are serving the Indians. Among them, the best online grocery shop India is the big basket. It has all varieties of grocery items, food items and each and every home needs. You can buy your groceries in the best online grocery shop India.

Coconut Oil online


Coconut Oil is one of the essential items for the Indians. It is used in different purposes in the different states. In Kerala, it is used for the cooking purpose where as in Andhra Pradesh is using for hair oil. It is available in sachets, packets and tins at whole sale coconut oil merchants and grocery shops. You can buy coconut oil online at your home only.


Fruit apples


Fruit Apples are the most fascinating fruit among other fruits. They have great nutritional values like Vitamin A, carbohydrates and fibers which keep our body healthily. There are different colors in fruit Apples that are red apple, green apple and golden apple. You can see these apples in apple orchids.


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