Materials for Prescription Glasses

It is a known fact that online stores for prescription glasses offer a diverse range of prescription and designer eyewear. Not only the designs but also the colours vary widely, giving you countless options to choose from. While choosing prescription glasses, their one aspect which should be given due attention is the material of which the frame is made of. The durability and the finishing of the prescription glasses depend a lot on the material of construction and the two most commonly used materials are plastic and metal.
Prescription glasses with plastic frames are generally light-weight and offer a comfortable eye-wear experience. In fact, laminated plastic frames with layered colours are a widely popular option. When light colours are used on the interior sides, your prescription glasses become less visible. Likewise, an all–black frame is visible at all times on both the interior and exterior sides.
Among the variety of plastics used for prescription glasses, most manufacturers use cellulose acetate propionate. It is a nylon-based plastic which is light-weight and offers more transparency and gloss than other plastics. When compared to metallic frames, prescription glasses made of plastic have better exposure to sunlight.
When it comes to durability, prescription glasses with metallic frames have been a perennial favourite. So much so, that the most widely used material in the manufacture of prescription glasses is “monel”, a mixture of broad range of metals. Its malleability and corrosion resistance give the prescription glasses a gloss and longevity of the highest quality.Though considered a part of metal family, titanium frames come with the added advantage of being light-weight. It is a silver grey metal that’s durable, strong and corrosion–resistant., is the largest online glasses store that offers various prescription glasses,frames, prescription sunglasses and designer glasses for men and women at lowest prices.

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