Find out how virtual private server and Hosted Exchange 2010 can be helpful for your business

Nowadays, with the increase of mobile technology and the fact that sometimes it is difficult to keep in an organized manner all your resources, choosing to utilize a virtual private server can bring you a lot of benefits professionally and personally. A virtual private server is a separate computer, dedicated for serving the clients’ needs. It is specially configured for server softer running and its functions are similar to the functions of a separate physical computer. The basics of virtual private server are: physical memory operating system, CPU application, bandwidth and the disk space. Hosted Exchange 2010 is Microsoft’s newest advancement from the Exchange Server which revolutionized the way different businesses make use of IT resources. These two popular cloud services could be considered a great opportunity for your business to develop according to your wishes. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the main characteristics of both cloud services and mention the advantages that you could take into consideration for your business development.

The virtual private server is considered to be a step forward to having your own server. Concerning the components of a virtual private server, I would like to mention some of the most important characteristics. For example, the physical memory is the part which decides how many users can have access to your applications. In general, the more physical memory your server has, the better. Then, a common operating system of a VPS is Linux, such as: Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Debian etc. Another important component is the CPU application. You have to make sure your CPU is used in your virtual private server node. Considering the bandwidth, the majority of virtual private severs provide less traffic than the dedicated servers. If you want to avoid extra costs, you have to see how much traffic you will use and you can purchase just the amount of bandwidth you need. And finally, the disk space offered by the majority of VPS is between 5 and 40GB.

The main advantage of the virtual private server is the fact that it can be used for everything, similar to other dedicated physical machine but at a lower price. On the other hand, the disadvantage consists in its scalability and its contention ratio. There are many companies that offer a virtual server hosting which works just like an extension for other web services. Businesses which are constantly expanding their resources should consider utilizing virtual private servers.

The advantages of hosted Exchange 2010 include: a more advanced web access, a simple online account management, an easier client setup and more resilient disaster recovery architecture. In comparison to Exchange 2007, the hosted Exchange 2010 brought along the Outlook Web App Administration Console, which is hosting the account management. The administrators can manage their resource mailboxes, distribution lists or external contacts. Moreover, now the customers have the possibility of using mobile device, desktop or laptop with their hosted Exchange 2010 mailbox in just a couple of minutes. It focuses on the basic functions, being a collaboration solution. Another positive aspect of Exchange 2010 is the fact that it offers multiple levels of options of recovery architecture and a bigger reliability through server clustering. All in all, in comparison to Exchange 2007, hosted Exchange 2010 provides much more environment options, a much easier method of utilizing web access, a higher availability and a much simpler online account management.

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