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Costume jewelry was first made to compliment various dresses and attires. Due to regular changing trends in fashion, jewelry and dresses used to outdate very quickly, making it impossible for people to remain fashionable due to high price of everything.

You can buy expensive dresses and wear them by altering them a little, adding any embellishment or doing some laces here and there, hence wearing a single dress many times. This was not possible with jewelry, and not everyone can afford to buy expensive jewelry.

Keeping this in mind few jewelers started producing cheap costume jewelry. This jewelry was made from cheap materials like copper, bronze and such other metals which looked like real gold but a lot cheaper than that. People who could not afford to buy expensive precious jewelry, welcomed costume fashion jewelry with both hands.

Seeing the increasing demand, jewelers started producing wholesale costume fashion jewelry and supplying it to dealers who owned shops throughout the country, making it accessible to everyone. People who think that costume jewelry came into being in 1920s are wrong, because cheap and affordable costume jewelry have been part of fashion world for almost 300 years. In this period many experiment were done regarding fashion jewelry mostly to keep the price down.

In 18th century jewelers used cut and polished glass in place of diamonds so that everyone from lower middle class to middle class can afford it. They used simple glass and colored glass to give the jewelry piece a look of precious jewelry. Few of them also opted for semi precious stones in place of precious stones to keep the cost down and affordable.

Costume fashion jewelry not only consists of necklaces and earrings but exquisite pieces of cheap bracelets and chunky cocktail rings with huge stones were also made from it. Time to time the design and style of these jewelry pieces kept changing according to trend but price being low; people could buy them to be up to date with fashion.

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