The Work Performed by Link Building Companies

Link building is an important part of search engine optimisation. This is one technique that has been delivering results ever since it was brought into implementation in the late 1990s. In the days following its implementation, there was a spurt in article directories which allowed people to submit articles and generate links to their websites. The objective of these inbound links was not only to direct target audience to the website, but also enhance the credibility of the website. As the credibility increased, so did the ranking of the site on the search engine results page. Since this particular technique began to show promise, it led to the birth of link building companies that specialised exclusively in this domain.


In the years that followed, there was an increase in the number of companies claiming specialisation in this technique. While a few companies adopted an organic or white hat approach to generating inbound and outbound links, there were a few others that resorted to underhanded or black hat techniques to generate results. The latter gave rise to spam sites that were setup with the sole objective of selling mass links to other websites. As a result, the quality of the content took a hit and also the links generated were considered spam. To curb this growing menace and bring such link building companies to task, Google came up with the Penguin update a year ago.


The arrival of the Penguin update brought about a radical change in the way the links could be generated. After the implementation of this update, most of the websites lost their ranks because of the incoming links from spam sites. The sites with incoming links from high ranking sources were promoted along the SERP list and given their rightful position. This also spelt doom to link building companies that had adopted black hat techniques to climb the ranks on the results page. Only those companies that leveraged an organic approach were able to stay afloat and also bring in new clients.


Today, experienced link building companies not only help their clients optimise their websites, but also help them recover from the effects of the Penguin update. Today, these companies generate links from various sources and not just article directories. When they take on projects that involve restoring the ranks of a website that lost its position post Penguin, they first thoroughly evaluate the site to remove all the broken links and spam links that can pull down the rank. Once the cleansing process is through, they start the process of generating links from credible sources such as high ranking authority sites, guest blogs, forums, press releases and more.


Link building companies also specialise in creating links with the help of video marketing through YouTube and social media marketing using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Generating links from such channels have proven very effective in drawing highly targeted traffic to the websites, thus increasing sales and conversion, thereby bringing in more profits.

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