Legitimate Link Building Strategy for Assured Success

It is not incorrect to state that link building is to search engine optimisation as air is to life – one without the other is just not possible. Though there have been search engine optimisation agencies and experts who have tried to bring in good results without this technique, they have been unsuccessful. Links play a critical role in defining the success of any optimisation campaign. Since Google and other leading search engines consider incoming links as a vote of credibility, professionals in this field spare no effort in generating them. A few years ago, there was an unprecedented growth of spam directories set up with the aim of providing links. Without any rules governing the articles being submitted to generate links, these directories became spam sites over a period of time. In order to penalise this approach, Google rolled out the Penguin update in 2012, which literally changed the link building strategy.


Purchasing links from spam directories is a complete ‘no-no’ today. The experienced optimisation experts consider every aspect ranging from evaluating the website to making a list of niche sites while creating a link building strategy. The first step in this strategy, while helping websites recover from the Penguin update, is to evaluate the website to check for broken links and spam links. These are two types of links that are looked down upon by search engines. The experts painstakingly trace the source of every link and verify the credibility of the source. All suspicious links are removed without second thoughts. If the website is being optimised for the first time, this particular step can be omitted.


Preparing a list of niche sites that are relevant to the nature of the business is an integral part of the latest link building strategy. It is not enough to just run a search for the list of niche sites. The domains chosen should have a higher ranking on the SERP list as compared to the website being optimised. Only links from such sources are considered to be valid and accepted by the search engine algorithms. Instead of just scouring for credible article directories, experts in the field prefer blog sites that have a steady inflow of readers. These sites have the potential to rake in target audience faster than any of the article directories, which is the reason for the increasing popularity of guest blogs.


Social media marketing and video marketing are two other elements of a successful link building strategy. Generating inbound links from websites such as Facebook and Twitter can do a world of good to your business. These are highly reputed sites that welcome millions of users on a daily basis. Targeting even a small fraction of this number can get the cash registers of any business ringing. The increasing number of corporate Twitter profiles and Facebook pages stand testimony to this fact. The audience directed from these channels to your website will definitely increase the chances of conversion and hence bring in higher profits.

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