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We all know that mobile business sales volume shoots up in current years and mobile devices are reshaping our private life and work day by day. It’s common to see that people stare at mobile device when they are meeting with friends, handle a mobile phone when they are watching TV, place mobile phone aside when they are sleeping… If you are running an online store, then you must take into mobile publishing in consideration.
Here are some reasons why you can not overlook the power the digital publishing on mobile platforms. Note: the below datas and statistics are resources from Trinity.

Statistics Shows Why You Can Not Ignore Mobile Publishing

There are just some datas related about mobile devices from which you will discover how important it is to make a mobile friendly digital publication:
1. There are now more than 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide. In America, mobile users accounts for 25% of people who surf online.
2. According to Trinity search, 1 in 7 searches is coming from a mobile devices.
3. 71% of the smartphone users will search immediately after they get interested in TV advertisements, news, TV or etc.
4. About 29% of email posts are checked on mobile devices and 10-16% via portable tablet devices.
5. In 2011, about $3.3 billion has been spent in mobile advertising; In 2015, the data is predicted to grow up to $20.6 billion.

After you seen these datas, you will find the importance of creating online marketing content compatible with mobile devices. As the business competition is fierce and people have a lot of choices, consumers have little patience to continue reading content which is not responsive and engaging.
If you plan to create digital magazines or convert PDF to flash magazine which looks comfortably on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices and other smart phones, please take a try of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Software which has the ability to create HTML5 publications from existing files such as pictures, flash movies, PDF, MS Office documents.

How to Create HTML5 Flipbooks for iPhone iPad and Android Devices?

After you see the huge growth of mobile usage and mobile ecommerce, then you will not miss a chance to reach the mass audience who are on iOS devices, Android devices and other smartphones. In order to make your digital editions readable and look engaging on both desktop and mobile devices, then HTML5 will be must-have digital publishing format as both Android and iOS can’t accept flash. Now follow the below steps to make HTML5 flipbooks for mobile devices:

1. Download and install Kvisoft FlipBook Software
The HTML5 digital publishing software can be download from which is the official site.

2. Install and import PDF, Word, PPT, photos or etc into it.
It can make HTML5 digital editions from various files. Before you import files, please make sure your digital documents such as catalogs, brochures, ebook or etc are well-designed in layout. If you need to insert videos or photo gallery etc besides text descriptions, please make space for it on anywhere you like. So once you imported document into Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro, you can insert media files on the position you reserved.

3. Create HTML5 Flipbooks
Go to hit Publish, you will make the publish window pop up from which you can choose HTML5 as the format.
Your HTML5 publications are compatible with both PC, Mac and mobile devices.

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