Planning a Holiday? Make Kansas City Your Destination

Do you have plans for a holiday in the near future? Then Kansas City would be a great idea – an ideal place to visit with family and friends. There is so much to see, do and eat in this wondrous city that you will have no regrets about having chosen the place, and doing things just like what the Kansas City locals do would be the best for absolute enjoyment. The point is that it is one of those places that are just not about all that jazz, barbecues and blues alone.

One of the first in the list of things to do in Kansas City is the Kansas City Zoo that is home to Berlin and Nikita the two famous Polar Bears. The zoo is situated in 200 acres of land and houses over a thousand animals!

Did you know that this city is one of the places that has the most number of fountains than anywhere else in the United States? And believe it or not every April the city even celebrates what they call Fountain Day when each and every fountain in Kansas City is turned on. It’s a sight to be seen!

The Sea Life Aquarium holds over 5000 species of water creatures that also include octopuses, sharks and plenty of other animals, it is an exciting place for adults and children alike. What attracts kids the most here is the touch pool, feed and talk shows that enthrall them to no end.

Shopping in Kansas City is one of the great tourist attractions especially for those hardcore shopaholics; you could call it a shopper’s paradise. This is especially true as Kansas City stores are believed to have a terrific collection of exclusive designer wear, art and craft item other than jewelry, footwear and dresses. Kansas City is the first place in the United State to establish an outdoor shopping mall when the shopping revolution had just begun. The place sells wonderful souvenirs that visitor could take back. You name it and Kansas City has it ranging from local preferences to designer stuff all can be found at the Country Club Plaza which is said to be the center for entertainment and shopping.

The local boutiques, the wonderful shops and promotional stores, vintage shops and special discount outlets are all just what an inveterate shopper looks out for. The assortment of discount shops offer many exquisite things at reasonable prices and eventually you could end up spending more on shopping than you had planned. Some of the well-known Brand discount outlets include Gap, Ann Taylor and banana republic to mention a few.

In all, Kansas City is one of those great holiday destinations that are food for the soul, the mind as well as the body!

If you are planning a holiday, then Kansas City is the best place. This article explains you about the things to do in Kansas City and its amazing food, shops and more. Read more,

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