Can Self-pleasure Cause Acne?

You’ll go blind! You’ll get hairy palms! You’ll plague yourself with pimples! There are so many misconceptions about self-pleasure, it’s hard to believe any of it’s true. But what if there was a connection between self-pleasure and acne?

Well, there kind of is, but not really.

Both start in puberty and even sometimes start at the same time. However, usually, self-pleasure is met with more joy and happiness than is acne. Let’s learn a bit more about their connection and if one leads to the other (and then what to do about it, especially when it shows up below the belt).

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that causes whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples to form. Pores live under the skin and connect to the glands that make sebum, an oily substance. Of course, dead skin, sebum, and other debris can block the glands, attracting bacteria and thus resulting in inflammation. This is the acne a man sees on the surface of his skin, and yes, that includes his male organ.

Does self-pleasure cause acne?

Let’s start by saying that acne is usually caused by hormonal changes. Hormonal changes kick off in puberty. These changes stimulate the body’s oil production, which can lead to acne. Self-pleasure also starts in puberty, but it doesn’t affect hormone levels so much that it could cause acne. In fact, the only effect it has on hormones is minimal and usually temporary based on short-term studies. Because both self-pleasure and acne start around the same time in a male’s life, it’s easy to see where the misconception came from. So no, self-love side effects do not include acne. That said, if a man is lax in his hygiene after releasing and doesn’t clean up well, any leftover emissions or funk can lead to him getting male organ pimples or acne on or near his member.

What causes acne?

Believe it or not, acne is like the common cold—researches are not 100 percent sure what causes it. However, there are many probable causes, such as hormonal changes, medicine, diet, use of makeup and skincare products, genetics, and lazy hygiene.

If not acne, does self-pleasure have any side effects?

Sure! Everything has a side effect. Self-love side effects are mostly positive, although there are a few negatives. Here are just a few of the “good ones”: improved performance, improved body confidence, improved mood, better sleep, decreased risk of prostate cancer, keeping male organ tissue healthy, and much more.

How can a man clear up acne…down there?

Most men know how to clean up acne on their body. Well, except for the region directly surrounding Mr. Happy. The reproductive area is a very delicate area for a lot of reasons. The skin is thinner and more delicate, making it much more sensitive to products. The area also is kept cooped up and in the dark a lot, which makes it an ideal, beach-front property for bacteria. It’s also an area that may see a shaver or clipper now and then, so ingrown hairs and male organ pimples can be a real issue.

The best thing a man can do to clean up the area is to do just that, keep the area clean. Here are a few steps to take daily to keep your tally-wacker zit free:

– Wash daily with warm water and a mild cleanser. Be gentle but thorough, and rinse well.

– Wear cotton underwear that’s breathable and loose.

– Wash immediately after working out, intimate relations, or on extra-sweaty days.

– Air out the male organ daily. Try sleeping unclothed or just letting it all hang out a little while each day (at a private location, of course).

– Use a specially formulated male organ health oil ( health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven mild and safe for skin ) daily. Created with vitamin A, a natural anti-bacterial, vitamins B and C for healthy skin turnover, and collagen for elasticity, this oil will keep the skin clear and supple for self-pleasure or partner play.

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